Transfer Resources for Undocumented Students

University of California (UCs)

UC Undocumented Student Resources

UC Undocumented Student Resources

This website contain a wide range of resources for undocumented students which include Financial Aid, tips for filling out the UC application, campus resrouces and contaact legislation information and basic needs info. 

UC Transfer Application Guide

Visit this UC Transfer Application Guide to learn how to fill out the UC App. Page 10 of this guide includes tips on how to fill out the Citizenship and residency section of the application.

Immigrants Rising Quick Guide for Undocumented Students Applying to UCs

Visit this wonderful UC Application Guide created by Immigrants Rising, a San Francisco-based organization that provide resources and support to undocumented individuals so they can an education, pursue careers, and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities. 

Campus Resources and Contact

There are a range of UC campus resources to help you. Each campus has staff and faculty members who can help you find academic, financial, legal, health and social support both on and off campus. Visit this website for more info. 

UC Immigrant Legal Services Center

The Immigrant Legal Services Center serves the immigration-related legal needs of undocumented and immigrant UC students and their immediate family members, as well as mixed-status families. For more information and access services, visit this site.

Student Success

This website provides information on UC commitment to supporting undocumented students. 

California State Universities (CSUs)

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CSU Undocumented Student Resources

As a leader in higher education, the California State University is deeply committed to ensuring academic opportunities are available to all the state's studen​ts, regardless of citizenship status. If you are an undocumented student, there are many resources available to you -- from grants, loans and scholarships to legal and campus support services. Visit this website for more information.

CSU Transfer Application Guide

Visit this CSU Transfer Application Guide to learn how to fill out the CSU App. Page of this guide include tips on how to fill out the Citizenship and residency section of the application.

For AB540 or undocumented students, you can select “None” for U.S. citizenship and select your country of citizenship.

CSU Campus Support

Every CSU campus offers support and resources for undocumented students. Visit this website to see the resources at every CSU campus. 

Legal Support Services

All 23 CSU campuses have assigned immigration attorneys and paralegals that are available to provide legal consultation to students, staff, and faculty, immediate family members of current students, recent graduates (who graduated within two years), and newly admitted students who have accepted their admissions. For more info and to schedule a free and confidential appointment, visit this website.

Financial Aid

The California Dream Act allows undocumented students to apply for scholarships and financial aid. Learn more about financial aid for undocumented students via this website.

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