UC Berkeley Pathways to Four-Year Universities

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Pathways to Four-Year Universities is a resource for California Community College students who plan to transfer to UC Berkeley or another four-year institution. 

De Anza is a Pathways to Four-Year Universities partner campus. While attending De Anza, you will be able to meet with UC Berkeley advisers to discuss your education goals. UC Berkeley Advisers will work with you to develop a roadmap of classes to fulfill each transfer requirement and determine if you would benefit from taking a UC Berkeley Summer Sessions course. With their support, you’ll have access to the most accurate admissions information and feel confident that you’re on track to transfer!

Through Berkeley Summer Sessions you can choose from over 600 classes, begin earning UC Berkeley credit, and complete important prerequisites that can help you get ahead following transfer to UC Berkeley or another four-year destination. Eligible US students within the Pathways to Four-Year Universities partnership can benefit from a unique financial aid agreement that allows them to utilize their available financial aid to help cover the cost of Summer Sessions classes. 

To learn more about Pathways to Four-Year University, visit http://pathways.berkeley.edu/ 

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