Many classrooms and labs at De Anza have computers installed for students to use during class hours. If you need a computer at other times, here are some options.

  • Visit the Library West Computer Lab on the lower level of Learning Center West (LCW 102).
    The lab has Mac and Dell desktop computers that you can use for writing papers or other extended work. Computers are available for students who have a DASB card and are enrolled in the current quarter.

  • Borrow a laptop from the Library.
    The Library has MacBooks and Dell laptops that can be checked out by students or employees for up to 24 hours. (Check-out periods may vary by type of computer.)

  • Stop by the lobby of the Registration & Student Services (RSS) building.
    The computers along the wall are available for students to register for classes or take care of other brief tasks. 

  • Request a free computer from the Occupational Training Institute (OTI) at De Anza.
    OTI has a program called CompTechS that refurbishes donated computers and makes them available for eligible students at Foothill and De Anza. For more information and an application form, visit the CompTechS webpage.
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