Creativity Amid Crisis 

De Anza's Vintage Singers

SLO Fridays, June 5, 2020 & June 6, 2020

SLO Fridays with coffee cup

Schedule of Events

Panelists for Friday, June 5, 2020 (10:30 - 11:20 am):

Panelists for Friday, June 12, 2020 (10:30 - 11:20 am):

Clare Nguyen, CIS
Cathy Patel, DSPS
Yvette Alva-Campbell, STEM Coordinator
Chris Dileonardo, Geology
Milena Grosvena, Film/TV
Liliana Rivera, Puente Coordinator

Helen Pacheco, CIS, PT Faculty
Eric Pane, Bio
Chesa Caparas, English
Tom Nguyen, BHES
Tony Santa Ana, Office of Equity

Questions Panalists will focus upon:

What do you feel is the best thing you're doing with online teaching this quarter?

What is something you're still struggling with?

How have you approached student needs?

Come Zoom with Us:


Identify successes and challenges faculty are experiencing in their online classes including:

  • Instruction
  • Supporting student success (engagement, resources, technologies, etc.)

Student Voices - Student Struggles

Gain support through familiarity with:

  • Tangible and practical resources to enrich their classrooms
  • Approaches to creating a substantive and sustainable experience for students

Student Services Presentation prepared for 2020 Convocation

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