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Physical Education and Athletics Knesiology KNES D001A01 47902 Perform with increasing proficiency forward propulsive movements in prone and supine positions.
Apply knowledge of basic fitness concepts to health and fitness.
2022-2023 Spring Face-to-Face Demonstration Even the people who had rarely been in a pool before (or had drowned) made great progress with their swimming skills and comfort in deep water.
All learned more about nutrition and stretching (for example), and many also applied what they learned by actually changing their routines (at least having a smoothie they made before coming to class instead of trying to swim on an empty stomach).

15 2 0 0 3 I am pleased with the success of this class, despite two students disappearing near the end of class after the drop date. I regularly update the class webpages and reading assignments as I see what students misunderstood.