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Equity and Engagement LRNA LRNA 98-01Z 38614 Student tutors will be able to apply approaches and techniques learned in class to conduct effective tutoring sessions using student-centered communication strategies. 2023-2024 Fall Online with at least some synchronous hours Demonstration Assignment #4 Video Assessment. Students record a tutoring session, from beginning to end. They then schedule a meeting with their senior (mentor) tutor to review the session and reflect on this session themselves. Senior tutors submit a rubric after reviewing the video with tutors. 16 3 0 0 7 Had formal assessments (rubric) for 19/26 students. Some senior tutors for MPS/MESA tutors did not submit the rubrics, (counted those as N/A) though there was informal, qualititive assessment based on their own reflections. Among the 19 submitted 4-point rubrics (0-2 on each factor), the most common score was 7/8, Exceeding Expectations. The most common "meets expectations" items observed were Setting an Agenda, Wrapping-up of the session, and Understanding the tutee's level. We spend a lot of time in class on the Agenda and Wrap Up, but those remain challenges. Will spend more class time on assessing student's level to adjust pace and expectations. Will also try to get more response from senior tutors of non-MSTRC tutors.
Equity and Engagement Student Success & Retention Services (SSRS) COUN 5-01S 27768 Student Learning Outcome: Identify potential majors, certificates, transfer institutions; understand eligibility requirements for AA/AS Degrees, Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) and general education as it applies to their academic goal.

Student Learning Outcome: Students will be able to complete a Comprehensive Educational Plan according to their academic goals.
2023-2024 Fall Face-to-Face Presentation/Performance Students in my class are required to complete a final presentation that demonstrates what they have learned from my course throughout the quarter. 10 10 10     Throughout my COUN 5 course, I have worked to ensure that my students are knowledgable about various student support services and effective strategies that they can utilize to help them achieve academic success as well as support their educational journey at De Anza College. This is especially vital since I serve students from the LGBTQ+ population as their dedicated counselor and instructor for the Pride Learning Community. I will continue working to ensure that my students always feel supported and are made aware of all the services offered at De Anza that they can utilize to help them achieve their academic and educational goals and ensure their success as a student.