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BIOLOGICAL, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Environmental Science ESCI1-01Z 42935 Utilize the scientific method to demonstrate role of scientist and public to analyze the consequences of human actions on the physical, biological, and cultural world. 2023-2024 Spring Online with at least some synchronous hours Other There was a three-part final assessment in this class. It was a combination of multiple-choice questions, short answers, and a creative final individual project. The creative final project is NOT text only nor an essay and it is based on Students' Environmental Journal Entries. The assignments are open-book and students have until the end of the quarter to complete and submit them on canvas. Students may use all their notes and study materials, but the answers to the short answers and the personal project need to be on their own words. Their work were checked for plagiarism and anything that's just copied and pasted from a source were flagged. 6 27 3 4   Those who didn't meet the requirements were student who didn't turn in their Assessments. They may have wanted to drop the class but for some reason couldn't do it on time. In any case, there were attempts to contact these students, but they haven't responded, so I have no idea what happened. I will need to have some efficient ways to check in with students who are struggling and may be undergoing some hardship. E-mailing seems to not work well since those who failed the class didn't respond at all.
BIOLOGICAL, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES HTEC 091 Medical Office HTECH-091 48175 MEDI OFFICE DIAGNOSTIC TESTS 2023-2024 Spring Online with at least some synchronous hours Exam Course Test/Quiz CANVAS EXAM 1 3 2 2 2 Class can benefit from a EKG application that the students can access to mimic true EKG rhythms N/A
BIOLOGICAL, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES BiolHlth HLTH57A-01 27790 Demonstrate life saving skills in care of injuries and sudden illness as specified by the American Red Cross. 2023-2024 Fall Face-to-Face Demonstration During class sessions, all 20 students completed all the skills work required to earn their Red Cross First Aid certification
(for example, checking capillary refill, removing potentially contaminated gloves, controlling external bleeding, completing a secondary survey, checking a responsive person, completing the F.A.S.T. skills for a potential stroke victim, and the choking and stroke scenarios).
5 15 0 0 2 While the final exam was not part of Red Cross skills work, five students did perfectly on the exam, including reiterating the answers to questions they would ask a victim on a secondary survey or who they suspect of having a stroke. Each year I have been adding more study guides at my class webpage, including mistakes people make and why they are mistakes.