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BIOLOGICAL, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Biology Biology 26 27249 Evaluate and demonstrate the importance of aseptic techniques when working with microorganisms. 2022-2023 Fall Hybrid (some Face-to-Face) Demonstration Students were observed using aseptic technique in lab. A rubric was used to evaluate whether all the steps were done correctly. 5/6 points was considered meeting expectations. 5 27 2 1 0 Most of the students performed aseptic methods satisfactorily. They understand the importance of aseptically transferring microbes and did 5 out of the 6 steps correctly. The method was explained and demonstrated individually to the student who did not meet expectations.
BIOLOGICAL, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Environmental Science ESCI D019..01Y and ESCI D019..02Y 48380 and 48379 By the end of this course, you should be able to:

A. Examine environmental biology as a branch of the environmental sciences and its relation to the scientific field

B. Evaluate the characteristics of life
C. Assess and analyze the ecological components and interrelationships of communities, ecosystems and the biosphere

D. Examine and describe the world's natural resources including air (the atmosphere), water (the hydrosphere), soil (the lithosphere) and species (the biosphere)

E. Assess and debate the current state of the world's natural resources and the impacts on human populations
F. Compare and contrast possible solutions to the current state of the world's resources
G. Evaluate the impacts of Climate Change on the biosphere
2022-2023 Spring Hybrid (some Face-to-Face) Exam Course Test/Quiz Type of Weekly Assignment for the Lecture:

Think ink and share
NPO in the spotlight
Food for thought discussion assignment

In addition, there are two midterms and a final (Quiz + Short answer)
Type of Weekly Assignment for the Lab:

In person lab activity every week
Field Trips
Research paper
21 2 1 1   Most students kept up with the pace of the class with a few exceptions. Coming to lab class every week was a challenge for a few students due to various reasons and hence had lower grade in the lab or would fail. I get positive feedback from my students about my curriculum from the students as it is designed student oriented. I work with them closely to monitor their progress. Because of the transfer requirement I cannot make any exception about the in person lab format.