SLO Assessment Retreat

An Easy Way to Organize and Complete Assessment Work for You and Your Colleagues

Plan your assessment retreat today!
Plan your assessment retreat today!
Plan your assessment retreat today!

The SLO Team invites you to consider an Assessment Retreat for your department/program. At the convenience of your department/program, a member of the SLO Team will you through the steps of planning and executing assessment for any learning outcomes that you haven’t yet had a chance to assess in our current cycle. By the end of the meeting (we can tailor the session to run anywhere from 1-3 hrs) you can expect to have most of the SLO work for your current cycle organized and scheduled, if not completed entirely.

In most cases, this can incorporate the assignments and methods you’re already using, yielding no additional work beyond the documentation of your assessment. 

PGA credit will be available for retreat participants, as will substitute pay if a sub is needed to cover a participant’s class sections during the retreat.

Assessment Retreats can be scheduled on any date. Please provide at least one week's notice (2 weeks is preferable) in order to coordinate your event. Scheduling availability is flexible, and we’ll do everything we can to make the experience convenient and meaningful for your program.

We are ready to meet you wherever you are in the process, and have strategies prepared for making the work as efficient as possible. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We’d love to plan your Assessment Retreat!

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