Frequently Asked Questions

What departments need to have program level outcomes? 

This has changed over time. The "ACCJC" has now confirmed that only those departments that offer certificates and/or degrees need to have program level outcomes. Read more about it here.

How often do the student learning outcomes need to be assessed? 

The SLO Core Team has always said the the student learning outcomes for each active course need to be assessed at least once every five years since courses are revised once every five years. However, beginning with the courses due for revision May 2019, there will be a form ensuring this cyclic timeline and assisting faculty in creating pertinent outcomes and meaningful assessments. A draft of the form is here.

How to change a course level student learning outcome? 

Course level outcomes must be changed as part of revising the course. The student level outcome(s) that appear on the course outline of record must be the ones on the syllabus for the class and the outcomes shared with the students.

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