COVID-19 Vaccination Required! 

NEW: COVID Boosters Are Recommended

COVID-19 boosters are now recommended by the CDC and state health authorities for

  • Pfizer: Anyone age 16 or older who received their second shot of the Pfizer vaccine at least five months ago
  • Moderna: Anyone age 18 or older who received their second shot of the Moderna vaccine at least six months ago
  • Johnson & Johnson: Anyone age 18 or older who received their Johnson & Johnson shot at least two months ago

Visit the COVID-19 Information webpage for more information about how to get vaccinated or boosted.

young man in De Anza shirt with face maskIf you are planning to be on campus – for a class or any other purpose – you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. (See below for the deadlines to submit proof.)

You should submit proof of your final vaccination at least three days before you plan to register for any on-campus class this winter. You will not be able to add on-campus classes until your vaccination record has been verified.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • You must show vaccination proof before entering the Library or the Registration & Student Services (RSS) Building.
    • Vaccination cards will be checked.
    • Students with verified medical or religious exemptions must show proof of a negative result for a COVID-19 lab test administed in the previous 72 hours.)
  • You must wear a face mask PROPERLY while indoors – that means covering your mouth AND nose at all times. (Masks are also recommended for outdoor gatherings.)
  • Everyone should practice social distancing and follow all posted instructions.
  • Do not come to campus if you are feeling sick. (If you develop COVID-19, notify your instructor or email 
  • Washing hands or using hand sanitizer, as provided, is also encouraged.

Many Classes Are Fully Online: No Vax Requirement

Many classes are being offered fully online, and you don’t need to provide proof of vaccination to register for fully online classes. You can check the Class Schedule for complete listings. (Click the title of each course to read the footnotes for details on how the class will be taught.)

Note to Employees

The information on this page is primarily for students. There are separate procedures for employees. All employees coming to campus this fall should check the information posted at and on the district Human Resources website

Thanks to our students, De Anza has had overwhelming compliance with the vaccination requirement.

  • More than 98% of students who registered for on-campus classes that began in September were able to continue with their classes after the Oct. 1 deadline for submitting proof of vaccination.


  • Be kind and considerate of others.
  • These precautions are to protect you AND those around you.
  • Following these requirements is part of the Student Code of Conduct.

Deadlines for Submitting Vaccination Proof

Here are the deadlines you must follow:

Winter Classes

You should submit proof of your final vaccination at least three days before you plan to register for any on-campus class.

  • You will not be able to register for any class that has any meetings on campus until the college has verified your vaccination record
  • After you upload your record, verification can take up to three days before you will be cleared to register for on-campus classes.
  • If you already submitted your vaccination records for fall, you don't need to submit again for winter.
  • Vaccination proof is not required for online classes.

Final vaccination means your second shot if it's the Pfizer or Moderna vaccination, or your first shot if it's Johnson & Johnson. You must follow additional requirements until two weeks have passed after your final vaccination.

Required Until Two Weeks After Final Vaccination

  • Obtain a lab test for COVID-19 (home tests will not be accepted) within three days before each visit to campus
  • Upload your negative test result to the PyraMED system. (Follow the same steps listed below for uploading proof of vaccination, but choose "COVID-19 Test Results – De Anza Students only" as the document type.)
  • Wear a face mask at all times, indoors and outside, while on campus
  • Practice social distancing at all times
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, you must quarantine at home for 10 days (except to receive medical treatment)
  • If you are exposed to someone with COVID-19, you must quarantine at home for 10 days.
  • If there is an outbreak of COVID-19 on campus, you may be asked to leave temporarily for your safety and that of others

You are responsible for any financial or academic burdens resulting from the above conditions.

Medical or Religious Exemptions

You may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement on the basis of verified medical reasons or sincerely held religious beliefs. Requests for exemption take at least three days to evaluate and process. You'll find instructions and forms for submitting a request on the Vaccination Exemption webpage.

Testing and Vaccination Locations

Find a Testing Site Near You

To find a free COVID-19 testing site near you, use these online tools:

If you cannot find a free site and cannot afford to pay for COVID-19 testing, you can contact the Health Services office at and we will try to assist you. 

Find a Vaccination Site Near You

Still  need to get vaccinated? Visit these websites for information and assistance in finding a vaccination site near you

How to Submit Proof of Vaccination

We've made it easy to upload a copy of your vaccination card by using the PyraMED online health system, which is a secure medical records system. Click each of the red bars below for detailed instructions.

Remember: You should upload your vaccination record at least three days before you plan to register for any on-campus class this winter. You will not be able to register for on-campus classes until your vaccination record has been verified.

Note: If you've already submitted proof of vaccination for fall quarter, you don't need to submit again for winter.

(EMPLOYEES: The information on this webpage is primarily for students. Employees have a separate procedure for uploading their proof of vaccination. Employees should check the information posted at and on the district Human Resources website.)

Have your digital vaccination record ready

  • You can take a photo of your vaccination card or get a digital copy from the state health site at
  • Save the digital photo or file to the computer or device that you will use to log in to the PyraMED health portal.

Log in to the PyraMED health portal

  • PyraMED Health Services tileOpen the Apps section of MyPortal and click on the tile for PyraMED Health Services.
  • If you don't see the PyraMED tile in MyPortal, you can access the PyraMED system on the web at
  • If you are prompted to sign in, use your eight-digit student ID number (also known as your Campuswide ID or CWID) and MyPortal password.

Note: You will not be able to log in to the PyraMED system until you have been assigned a registration date, which will be posted in MyPortal. For high school students seeking dual enrollment, this will not occur until you have submitted your High School Permission Form. (See the steps for dual enrollment.)

Complete the Consent Form

Before you upload your vaccination record, you need to complete the Informed Consent-De Anza College form if you haven’t already done so. This shows us that you understand that your medical records are confidential. (If you completed this form previously, you don't need to do it again.)

When the PyraMED homepage appears on your screen, click on My Forms to open the forms page (or click on “You have pending forms”)

Pyramed homescreen: My Forms

Click to open the Informed Consent-De Anza College form

Pyramed forms list - consent form

Fill out the form completely – including all fields – and click the Submit button at the bottom.

Pyramed consent form - submit button

Now you're ready to submit your proof of vaccination.

Complete the Vaccine Submission Form

Once you've completed the Consent for Treatment form, you're ready to upload your vaccination record. (Keep the PyraMED screen open to do this.)

  • Click the My Forms tab to return to the list of forms. (We are no longer using the Document Upload tab for vaccination proof.)
  • Click to open the COVID-19 Vaccine Submission-De Anza College form

Pyramed forms list - vax submission

When the Vaccine Submission form opens, please enter the requested information, including 

  • Enter the dates you received each shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.
    • You don’t need to list any booster shots
    • Use the fields for the type of vaccine you received – i.e., Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson (also known as Janssen)
    • If you received a different vaccine outside the United States, use the field for “AstraZeneca” to list the dates for any WHO-approved vaccine that you received
  • Enter the location where you received the vaccine
    • Provide the clinic or store address if you know it, or as much information as you can
  • Enter the lot number for each vaccination shot
    • You’ll find these listed on your vaccine card
  • Upload a photo or digital copy of your vaccine card
    • Click Select File to select the file on your device
    • Click the Submit button and then click the Confirm button

Pyramed form to submit vax record

When the upload is complete, you will see a confirmation message on the My Forms page, and the Vaccine Submission form will no longer be listed.

Pyramed vax confirmation

Note: It may take up to three days for Student Health Services to verify your documents before you are cleared to register for on-campus classes.

Remember these important points

  • Upload your vaccination record at least three days before you plan to register for any on-campus class this winter. You will not be able to register for on-campus classes until your vaccination record has been verified.
  • For U.S. students, your vaccination record must show you received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine.
  • International students attending on an F-1 visa may submit documentation in English that they have received the full course of a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

How to Check Your Vaccination Records

You can verify that your vaccination document has been accepted by logging in to the PyraMED system and following these steps.

Download Your Immunization History

Once you've logged in to the PyraMED system, click on the My Profile tab in the upper left, then select Immun. History and click to download your Immunization History record. 

tab for immunization history

Review Your Immunization History

When you review your Immunization History:

  • You should see your COVID-19 vaccination listed under Vaccination History. (It may take one or two days after you upload your record before it appears here.)
  • If you have a religious or medical exemption, or if you are only partly vaccinated under the rules listed above, you should see a listing under Exemptions.

vax history screenshot

Optimum HQ No Longer Required 

The Optimum HQ health check-in system is no longer required for visiting campus. The college will use other well-established contract tracing measures, if needed.


Still Have Questions?

  • For questions about any of these requirements, please send an email to
  • Please do not contact PyraMED technical support, as they are not able to assist individual students. 
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