Housing Assistance in Cupertino

If you are struggling with the cost of housing, there are resources available to you.

  • The nonprofit West Valley Community Services can help homeless individuals and families find long-term housing through rental assistance and other support services. You can speak with the case manager who comes to campus twice a month with the mobile food pantry, or call 408.255.8033.
  • Find information about additional programs and services in the Housing Resources section of the Basic Needs webpage.

City of Cupertino Assistance for De Anza Students

Cupertino logoThe city of Cupertino has contributed $25,000 in grant funds to help create two new programs for qualified De Anza students. 

These new programs are administered by the college in partnership with community organizations: West Valley Community Services and Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County.

Cupertino Residents

House sharing can offer you added income, companionship and a chance to help someone else. If you'd like to learn more about sharing your home with a De Anza student, please contact Erika Flores, program coordinator, at floreserika@deanza.edu or please leave a message at 408.864.5730.

Housing Assistance Grants

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Students who live in Cupertino can apply for limited cash grants to help them avoid eviction or pay move-in costs, so they're able to continue with their education at De Anza.

Applications will be screened by the college and West Valley Community Services, which will distribute funds to students who qualify.

House Sharing Program

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Students can apply to be matched with a Cupertino resident who has room available to rent. While each situation is unique, this typically means renting a bedroom and sharing other living space, such as the kitchen.

Students and homeowners are screened by the college and Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County.

Additional Resources for Basic Needs

Visit the Basic Needs webpage to learn about more food, housing and transportation resources available for De Anza students.

Apply for Housing Assistance or House Sharing 

You can use this form to apply for either program, or both.

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