De Anza College shall take all steps necessary to provide a positive educational and employment environment that encourages equal educational opportunities.

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See the following board policies and administative procedures of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District

The college will actively seek to educate staff and students on the deleterious effects of expressions of hatred or contempt based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or psychological disability; and will promote equality and mutual respect and understanding among all groups and individuals.

De Anza College will not tolerate behavior that infringes on the safety of any student. A student shall not intimidate, harass another student through words or actions. Such behavior includes

  • Direct physical contact, such as hitting or shoving
  • Verbal assaults, such as teasing or name-calling
  • Social isolation or manipulation
  • Cyberbullying by any means including email, text and social networks/media

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