Individuals who elect to become De Anza students have the right to a healthy, safe and drug-free environment. These students have personal responsibilities with regard to their own health and safety and the health and safety of the college community.

To promote an optimum personal and physical environment for individual development and learning, students will 

  • Not attend college if they have a contagious condition (such as COVID-19, TB, measles or hepatitis)
  • Not attend college if they are under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs
  • Have a physical exam on file if they are an intercollegiate athlete, or in an allied health program
  • Notify the Admissions and Records Office if they will be absent for a week or more due to an illness
  • Observe sound personal hygiene habits
  • Have current TB results on file as required by the allied health programs, the Child Development Center, the International Student Programs and the Nursing program
  • Obtain a physician’s note and cooperate openly and honestly with college officials about medical problems that may threaten the health or welfare of themselves or others
  • Follow safety regulations and use safety equipment and protective devices as required
  • Follow all college infectious disease policies
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