Substitution Policy for Legal Specialty Courses

A student may substitute up to 18 quarter units in legal specialty courses from another institution only if the coursework completed at the other institution

  • Is current (within the last five years) and
  • Meets the same standards in paralegal education as an ABA approved paralegal program.

A student must submit the following documentation to the Director of Paralegal Studies for the director’s review to determine whether the course meets our standards:

  1. Course syllabus.
  2. Units and/or hours for the course. (Indicate whether semester or quarter.)
  3. Method of delivery: regular or compressed schedule; on-line, hybrid, etc.
  4. Name and author of textbook.
  5. Sample of two or more assignments (one sample may be a final project).
  6. The grade received in the course (must be C or better).
  7. Semester the course was taken (must be within the past 5 years).
  8. Evidence that the college was accredited at the time the course was taken.
  9. Statement as to whether the program was a member of AAfPE at the time the course was taken. (Check with your program’s chair or the American Association for Paralegal Educators’ website.)

This material is kept on file for review by the ABA. Every three years the program must report what substitutions have been allowed. To maintain approval, we must prove that any substitutions are for courses from other programs that meet (or exceed) the ABA's standards for paralegal education.

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