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Canvas Certification Training Calendar

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Canvas Certification Training

We’ve updated our Canvas Certification Training process to reflect the need for providing remote training to faculty who are new to Canvas.

Certification training is divided into four parts:

  • Module 1 - 1 hour, online/self-paced

  • Module 2 - 2 hours, workshop/webinar

  • Module 3 - 3 hours, online/self-paced

  • Module 4 - 1 hour, workshop/webinar

Your Canvas account will be created when you sign up for a Module 2 workshop date and you will receive an email with instructions.

Upon completion of Module 3, you will be prompted to sign up for your Module 4 workshop/webinar.

Module 2 - If you are new to Canvas, this is where you start. After you sign up for Module 2, you will receive a first email within a few days giving you access to Canvas and our online Certification Training course. There you will read through Module 1 and complete the activities at the end of Module 1 on your own before attending the Module 2 workshop via Zoom.

You will receive a second email within a day or two of the Module 2 workshop you choose with the Zoom link.

  • Monday, February 26, 10 am-12 pm
  • Tuesday, March 26, 11:30 am-1:30 pm

Sign up for Module 2 here!

Fast-Track Certification Training

If you are an experienced Canvas user, but new to Canvas at De Anza, you can sign up for Fast Track Training, which includes Module 1 of our traditional certification training (1 hour online/self-paced) and a 1-hour workshop via Zoom that covers Course Activation at De Anza.

  • Monday, March 11, 10 am-11 am
  • Thursday, March 28, 11:30 am-12:30 pm

Sign Up For Fast Track Training Here

Beyond the Basics Workshops

Beyond the Basics

Expand your knowledge of Canvas and online teaching with these stand-alone workshops that go beyond the basics.

Find our Open Labs in the De Anza College's
Canvas Certification Training Calendar

Select the Canvas Certification Training Calendar on the right.

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Zoom Resources

Please visit our Zoom Resources Page 

ZOOM Quick Start Instruction Videos

Zoom - Student Perspective

Online Office Hours/Scheduling Zoom Appointments

Canvas Studio

Are you interested in any of the following:

  • Boosting student engagement with your course videos (whether with videos you create or videos you share from sites like YouTube) by embedding comments or quiz questions that prompt student responses?
  • A way to guarantee students watch your entire video?
  • A simple way of recording your lecture videos?
  • A simple way students can record and share their presentations?
  • Knowing how long students watch a video and when they stop viewing it? 

Learn more ...


Interested in learning more about PlayPosit ? PlayPosit offers the opportunity to add video quiz options in Canvas. 

Previous Webinar Recordings

  • Assignments & Grading in Canvas
  • Canvas Commons
  • Discussions in Canvas
  • Flipgrid (Webinar by Jen Myhre)
  • Listening & Speaking Activities in Canvas
  • Making the Jump to Online
  • Modules and Course Organization (4/6/20)
  • Online Office Hours
  • Quizzes in Canvas
  • Rubrics in Canvas
  • Video Resources in Canvas
  • Zoom Basics
  • Zoom Whiteboard Lectures

Guides, Resources and Advanced Training

Have You Explored Our FAQs? On your Canvas Dashboard, find the Canvas Certification Training Course and select Modules.

Your Canvas Toolkit Module is at the top with valuable links and instructions.

Teaching With Canvas


J1 Admin/Peer and J2W Student Evaluations

Get information about requesting J1 administrative/peer or J2W student evaluations on our Online Course Evaluations page.

Student Compter Lab

Canvas panda with map

Library Computer Lab

Students can get technical help with Canvas, Zoom, MyPortal and other online learning tools or software from the Library West Computer Lab's expert technicians.

Training Opportunities

Want to be notified of upcoming conferences and training opportunities? Subscribe to the Learning Opportunities discussion in the Canvas Certification Training course. This Canvas Student Guide shows how to subscribe and ensure you receive emails when new opportunities are posted.


Want to Get On Board With Canvas?

Please see our Canvas Certification Training section to your left.

TIP: When you sign up for a two-hour Module 2 workshop, you will receive a first email within a few days giving you access to a Canvas account and our online Canvas Certification Training course. Go to Modules there to read the "Module 1" information to prepare for your Canvas workshop. You will receive a second email a day or two before your workshop with the Zoom link to paste into your Web browser to join the meeting.

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