Fair Trade Marketplace

Fair Trade Marketplace 2015

The Fair Trade Marketplace is apart of the Global Issues Conference, an annual event that LEAD puts on every year. The Marketplace supports local vendors who make their own goods. This includes vendors who sell art, make jewelry, or provide other homemade goods etc.  

To learn about what Fair Trade is, check out this Prezi, made by LEAD's Women's Studies Class (2014). 

 Brandi & Josh

The event took place on the Main Quad, and showcased many awesome local and student vendors, and also featured a clothing swap. Some of our vendors included: 

  • Art With Heart 
  • Citali Rose 
  • Brandi's Dreamcatchers 
  • Tutus By Design 
  • De Anza Bookstore: Fair Trade 
  • Maize & Anne's Henna 
  • etc. 

We also had many organizations from on and off campus tabling at the event, including: 

  • The Kirsch Center Garden 
  • The Euphrat Museum 
  • GANAS 
  • Public Policy School 
  • etc. 

Basic Information 

WHO: Student/local vendors who make their own goods 

WHAT: To sell their own goods and make a profit 

WHEN: Tuesday March 10th, 2015 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. 

WHERE: On the Main Quad 

WHY: To spread awareness of Fair Trade, and support student/local vendors 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is Fair Trade? Fair trade is when the people who make their own products are paid fairly for their work. 
  • If I am not "Fair Trade Certified", but I make my own goods, can I still participate? Yes! Many large companies, such as Peet's Coffee, must be asked to be officially certified in order to call themselves "Fair Trade", but if you are a smaller vendor, we do not require that you be certified. 
  • Can I sell things that I bought from somewhere else? No, sorry. If you bought something wholesale at Costco, and you are planning on selling it, then you can not sell it at the Marketplace. The purpose of the event is to support vendors who actually make their own goods. 
  • I am not available the whole day (from 9am-3pm), can I participate for a part of the day? Yes, you can. Just let us know from what time you will be there. 
  • Is there a fee to participate? No, LEAD does not charge vendors to participate in this event. All profit that vendors make that day belong to them. 
  • Do vendors have to pay for parking? No, if a vendor does not already have a parking pass, then LEAD can provide a parking pass for them that will be valid on that day. 
  • I would love to come, but I will be at the table by myself, and I need help carrying things from my car to the event, is there a way I can get some help? Of course! Just let us know that you need some help, and we will be sure to get some LEAD students help you with your goods. 

For more information, contact: 


  • Email: alinahernandez2013@gmail.com 
  • Phone: 408.857.8468 


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