Submitting Transcripts to De Anza

When you submitted your application to attend De Anza College on an F-1 visa, you probably provided a copy of your high school transcript. You may also have submitted a college or university transcript. 

  • High school transcript: If you attended high school in the United States for grades 9-11, the high school transcript that you submitted with your application can be used by our Assessment Center to determine your placement in English or Math. You don't need to re-submit your high school transcript. (If you didn't attend a U.S. high school, the Assessment Center will use other methods to determine your placement.)
  • College or university transcript: If you attended another college or university in the United States, you will need to re-submit your transcript from that school to a different office at De Anza, if you want to have it evaluated for college credit or to clear a prerequisite. This webpage will explain the requirements for submitting a transcript for these purposes.

Official or Unofficial?

  • If you are asked for an "official" transcript, it must be sent by your previous school – either electronically or in a sealed envelope that is mailed or hand-delivered to De Anza. If the envelope is unsealed, it won't be considered official.
  • An "unofficial" transcript can be a document prepared by your previous school, or one that you have printed out yourself from your school records.

Submitting a Transcript To Be Evaluated for College Credit

You must submit an official transcript from a U.S. college or university if you want it to be evaluated for college credit. To be official, your previous institution must send this transcript directly to De Anza, in one of two ways.

  • It can be delivered electronically. Your previous institution must send this transcript directly to De Anza. Be sure to let your previous institution know that the transcript should be sent to De Anza College in Cupertino, California. If the school asks you for an email address, please tell them to use
  • It can be delivered in a sealed envelope, by mail or in person, to our Admissions and Records' Evaluation Unit, located on the first floor of the Registration and Student Services (RSS) Building. This document must be prepared by your previous institution and delivered in an envelope that was sealed by your previous institution. If the envelope has been opened or tampered with, it will be considered unofficial and will be rejected. If you choose this method, the sealed envelope should be mailed or delivered to:
De Anza College​
Admissions and Records​ – Evaluations Unit
21250 Stevens Creek Blvd​, Cupertino, CA 95014​

Important Notes

  • De Anza does not evaluate transcripts from colleges or universities based outside the United States. If you have a transcript from a non-U.S. institution, please review these foreign transcript tips before requesting a course-by-course foreign transcript evaluation from one of the approved services listed on the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services membership list.
  • Courses from the International Baccalaureate (IB) program cannot be used to satisfy General Education or major requirements at De Anza, although certain IB courses may apply toward California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) General Education transfer requirements. Please see your counselor if you have questions about this.  

Advanced Placement Credit

Want to know about getting credit for taking Advanced Placement (AP) exams? Visit the Advanced Placement webpage maintained by the Evaluations Unit of the Admissions and Records Office.

Submitting a Transcript to Clear a Prerequisite

A prerequisite is a requirement that you must meet before you can take a particular class. For example, you might be required to take one or more classes, in a certain order, before you can enroll in a more advanced class. Once you have met the requirement, the prerequisite is considered to be "cleared."

You may be able to clear a prerequisite for a course you want to take at De Anza, if you took the required course at another regionally accredited college or university in the United States.

You may submit an unofficial transcript to show that you have taken the prerequisite course.

  • To be considered for prerequisite clearance, submit your transcript with a completed Prerequisite Clearance Form to the Evaluations Unit of the Admissions and Records Office.
  • An unofficial transcript can be a document prepared by your previous school, or one that you have printed out yourself from your school records.
  • You can submit these in person or by emailing

Where To Find It

You'll find the Prerequisite Clearance Form on the Evaluations Unit's Prerequisite Clearance webpage.


If you have questions about submitting a U.S. college or university transcript to De Anza College, contact the Evaluations Unit of the Admissions and Records Office.

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