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students on steps outside Cal History CenterOur division includes De Anza's pioneering Ethnic Studies programs, as well as International Studies (Global Studies), Women's Studies and 12 different World Language programs – from American Sign Language to Vietnamese.

Our programs are designed to assist you in developing a sophisticated knowledge and critical understanding of the multiple definitions and elements of culture, including the psychology, history and sociology of language, politics, and power dynamics in human relationships at the individual, interpersonal, and institutional or systemic levels. 

Updated Class Listings for Ethnic Studies

Many courses that were previously labeled as “Intercultural Studies” are now offered through new departments. Be sure to check the class schedule for courses with these prefixes:

NEW ! Ethnic Studies Courses Still Open for Winter 2022

All courses offered through these departments will satisfy De Anza's ICS course requirement for an associate degree. Click each red bar to see courses still available for winter.

African American Studies (AFAM)

  • AFAM 10-01Z: An Introduction to African American Studies – Instructor: Julie Keiffer-Lewis (online) – CRN 37649
  • AFAM 11-60Z: Sankofa: Roots of the African American Experience – Instructor: Julie Keiffer-Lewis (online) – CRN 37532
  • AFAM 12B-60Z: African American History Since 1865 – Instructor: Julie Keiffer-Lewis (online) – CRN 37529

Asian American and Asian Studies (ASAM

  • ASAM 11-61Z: Asian Americans and Racism – Instructor: Mae Lee (online) – CRN 36821

Chicanx/Latinx Studies (CHLX)

  • CHLX 10-01Z: Introduction to Chicanx and Latinx Studies – Instructor: Rob Unzueta (online) – CRN 37380
  • CHLX 10-02Z: Introduction to Chicanx and Latinx Studies – Instructor: Rob Unzueta (online) – CRN 37381
  • CHLX 12-60Z: Chicanx and Latinx History – Instructor Rob Unzueta (online) – CRN 37705
  • CHLX 13-01Z: Chicanx/Latinx and the Arts – Instructor: Rob Unzueta (online) – CRN 37383

Comparative Ethnic Studies (CETH)

  • CETH 8-60Z: Women of Color in the USA – Instructor: Marc Coronado (online) – CRN 37373
  • CETH 8-61Z: Women of Color in the USA – Instructor: Rosanna Alvarez (online) – CRN 37374
  • CETH 10.61Z: Race, Ethnicity and Inequality – Instructor: Mae Lee (online) – CRN 37387
  • CETH 13-60Z: History of Art (Multicultural Arts in the U.S.) – Instructor: Catie Cadge-Moore (online) – CRN 37392
  • CETH 13-61Z: History of Art (Multicultural Arts in the U.S.) – Instructor: Catie Cadge-Moore (online) – CRN 37391
  • CETH 13-62Z: History of Art: Multicultural Arts in the U.S. – Instructor: Catie Cadge-Moore (online) – CRN 37390
  • CETH 13-63Z: History of Art: Multicultural Arts in the U.S. – Instructor: Rosanna Alvarez (online) – CRN 37393
  • CETH 50-40Z: Civic Leadership for Community Empowerment – Instructor: Michael Chang (online) – CRN 37425

Intercultural Studies (ICS)

  • ICS 2A-OKEZ: Introduction to Peer Mentoring, Leadership and Community Building – Instructor: Angelica Esquivel Moreno (online) – CRN 36525
  • ICS 7-61Z: Intercultrual Communication – Instructor: Constance Cole (online) – CRN 31190
  • ICS 7H-02Z: Intercultural Communication (Honors) – Instructor: Anu Khanna (online) – CRN 37858
  • ICS 26-60Z: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Studies – Instructor: Julie Lewis (online) – CRN 37533
  • ICS 27-2EZ: Grassroots Democracy: Leadership and Power – Instructor: Nicky Yuen (online) – CRN 37814
  • ICS 36-1EZ: Grassroots Democracy: Social Movements Since the 1960s – Instructor: Alysa Cisneros (online) – CRN 37699

Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS)

  • NAIS 14-60Z: Native American Religious Traditions – Instructor: Meghan Kensler (online) – CRN 37378

Departments and Areas of Study

We invite you to explore our course offerings, and our certificate and degree programs, in subjects that can build your capacity to work effectively in a wide range of fields – including community advocacy, education, public policy and many more.

Our Intercultural Studies (ICS) program has a special importance at De Anza College. We are the only program at the college from which students must take at least one course as a requirement for graduation with an AA or AS degree. This requirement stems from a recognition that every individual can benefit from the understanding to be gained from ICS courses.

Ethnic Studies Multiracial Panel Series: April-May, 2021

Our Histories, Our Experiences, Our Lives: From Learning to Collective Action

These panels were developed for everyone to learn from, about and with each other – with the goal of building multiracial alliances and a multiracial coalition at De Anza College, to support structural and systemic changeEach panel focused on experiences and perspectives relating to one of our core areas of ethnic studies.


IIS Division Office

The IIS Division office is located in De Anza’s Multicultural Center (MCC) – one of the hearts of our campus, where individuals, small groups and student organizations of all kinds can study, plan and organize together. The MCC is used for meetings, special events and community-building activities with a multicultural flavor. Activities are supported by De Anza Student Government (DASG) funding – so please come and use this communal space! 

Dean's Office

Multicultural Center

Debbie Lee
Division Dean


Mary Medrano
Administrative Assistant II


Winte Hours

The campus is currently closed due to COVID-19.

The division administrative assistant is available during these hours on Monday through Thursday:

  • 8:00 am  to 12:00 pm
  • 12:30 pm  to 5 :00 p.m.
  • Fridays 7:00 am-3:00 pm

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