2020-2021 HEFAS Interns

Outreach Coordinator

Christina photo

Hi! My name is Christina Pham and I am a second-year student at De Anza College. I am excited to be the outreach coordinator this year and and spread the word about HEFAS to organization both on and off campus! Being a child of immigrant parents has fueled my interests in immigration and I am passionate about racial and gender justice as an Asian-American woman. Additionally, when I’m free, I love doing art, specifically digital illustrations, painting, and photography!

Office Coordinator

veronica photo

Hi! My name is Veronica Cortez Dubon. I’m the office coordinator of HEFAS. This is my first year at De Anza and I’m majoring in Biological Science. I’m planning to go into Dentistry for graduate school and later on specialized in oral surgery. I love to read (fiction & non-fiction) and also, I enjoy creative writing. I decided to join HEFAS team after realizing how big of impact this program has on many students on campus and their familias. Being part of HEFAS team has help me to grow my leadership skills and be more engage to the community I’m part of as an AB540 student myself.

 Public Relations Coordinator

Corina photo

My name is Corina Gonzalez and I am a 3rd year De Anza student. I am studying for biology and hope to make an impact on the planet or someone’s life. I am a first generation student who hopes to help low income families including my own. I am also a very hopeful person. I love to read, paint, sing, and smell perfume. I hope to gain new skills and experience with the team I am in and help support our community in any way I can. 

Volunteer Coordinator

nina photo

My name is Nina Bottai. I'm from Brazil but living in California for college. I'm very happy to be the Volunteer Coordinator at HEFAS because I started my path at HEFAS as a volunteer. It brings me joy, commitment and I love to meet new people with different realities to share and learn. In a way to contribute to an equal, respectful, and loving society. My major is Film/TV/New Media transferring next year (hope so!)

Member Coordinator

Daisy photo

My name is Daisy Rodriguez and am a first year here at De Anza. I am the Membership coordinator for HEFAS and one fun fact about myself it that I am looking into a career in the medical field. I looked into being part of the HEFAS team so I can help with welcoming undocumented students who are fearful or worried they won't be able to go to college for further education and assure them that there are various resources that can help them through college.

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