COVID-19 Resources for People/Families who are Undocumented in California

Santa Clara County residents can use the Baseline COVID-19 Program online screener and appointment scheduling system at to screen their symptoms and, if eligible, make an appointment for testing. The website is available in English and Spanish.

The free screening and testing are a service of the state of California through Verily, an Alphabet company.

  • Health insurance is not required.
  • Medical care is not provided on site.
  • testing in San José will be available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday by appointment only at PAL Stadium, located at 680 S. 34th St., as well as the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, located at 344 Tully Road. Each site will have the capacity to serve several hundred people per day.
  • The schedule of testing, including hours of operation, may be adjusted over time to meet community needs.


Tuesday, August 25th in Parking Lot A from 1-3:30 pm or while supplies last.

A La Carte will be distributing Prepared Food to-go from 1:30-3:00 pm


  1. Remote Work Newsletter sends great newsletters & offers a job board with filters & application links:
  2. updates full-time roles that are hiring & application links:
  3. Candor tracks companies that are hiring & industries with hiring freezes:
  4.  lists confirmed positions that are actively hiring for internships & full-time:
  5. Hiring2020 tracks internships' hiring & cancelation status:
  6. AngelList connects you with startups opportunities:
  7. Blind has a user-generated list for full-time jobs that are actively hiring:
  8. Simplify offers a common application that complied 50+ internships:

         OPEN JOB ALERTS ON LINKED. If you do not have a Linked account, consider making one! 

                  EDUCATION AND TRAINING TOOLS                  

                          COVID-19 UPDATES                       

                 COPING WITH COVID-19 STRESS                   

                   RESOURCES FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS                

  • U-Haul is offering free storage to college students
  • Foodbank locations or food resources can be found by visiting or by the Why Hunger hotline at 1(800) 5-HUNGRY
  • if this crisis goes on and students' finances are deeply affected, some students may become eligible for SNAP.

For info by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, click here
For info by the California State University Chancellor’s Office, click here
For info by the Un
iversity of California Office of the President, click here

                             APPLY HERE



    • County of Santa Clara Office of LGBTQLGBTQ Medical Care
    • Physical + Mental + Social Health
    • LGBTQ Youth + Homelessness
    • Employment + Businesses
    • The Office of LGBTQ Affairs During COVID-19
    • How Can You Help
There is much fear and confusion due to public charge changes. Not all immigrants are impacted by public charge.These organizations provide free or low-cost legal advice on immigration and public benefits:  
Know your rights and take care of your health. USCIS has announced that COVID-19 testing, treatment, and prevention would NOT be used against immigrants in a public charge test.
  • This means immigrant families should NOT fear being denied a green card from when seeking needed health care. If you don’t have a doctor, contact Valley Connection for checkups and preventative care at 1(888) 334-1000.
  • For more information and FAQs go to 
FAQ: Workers' Rights & COVID19
FAQ: Undocumented Workers' Employment Rights
                     SUPPORT FOR WORKERS                   
  • Undocumented Workers Can Apply for 
    State Disability Insurance or Paid Family Leave
    If a medical professional says you are unable to work due to the virus or another medical condition, you may be eligible for State Disability Insurance. You do not need work authorization to apply for State Disability Insurance. Undocumented workers may apply. Apply at (SDI online). 

    If a close family member is ill, you may be able to receive benefits to take care of them through Paid Family Leave. You do not need work authorization for Paid Family Leave benefits.
    Apply at (SDI Online). 
  • Restaurant workers in need of financial assistance
  • Farm workers /Trabajadores agrícolas. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
  • Emergency assistance for those employed by restaurants or bars or are employed by a restaurant or bar supplier ESPAÑOL | ENGLISH
  • Cash assistance to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, personal service workers and more who need the money they aren’t getting to survive: ESPAÑOL | ENGLISH
  • Bartenders, or the spouse or child of a bartender who have experienced an emergency hardship.  Specific requirements here: ESPAÑOL | ENGLISH
  • $500 relief grants.  Workers in the hospitality industry, dishwasher, bartender, server, busser, chef, cook, sommelier, manager, host, concierge, cleaning staff, or barback may apply for funds ESPAÑOL | ENGLISH
  • At this time, the application is open to domestic workers who have participated in activities of the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), NDWA chapters, affiliate organizations, circles and current Alia users. We will open the Fund for applications from other domestic workers as soon as funding allows. ESPAÑOL | ENGLISH
  • Day Laborers/ Journaleros : NO APPLICATION YET
  • Undocumented individuals and families residing in Sonoma County who have lost homes, wages, or employment. ESPAÑOL | ENGLISH
  • Immigrant Oakland workers who have lost their jobs and income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the agressive public health measures necessary to combat the spread of this disease. ESPAÑOL | ENGLISH
  • Asistencia gratuita en efectivo a los trabajadores de restaurantes, conductores de reparto y otros trabajadores que reciben propinas y trabajadores de servicio, quienes están viendo disminuir sus ingresos durante este desastre. SPAÑOL | ENGLISH
  • Providing limited cash assistance for undocumented families in the Sacramento area who have lost work due to COVID19. ENLISH
  • Undocumented individuals residing in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Additional information
  • Available for workers who live in Napa County, whose household income is at or below 120% of Area Median Income, and who do not qualify for government-sponsored unemployment or paid family leave benefits (Undocumented). email >
  • Available to food service workers living or working in Oakland, CA impacted by COVID-19 crisis and shutdowns (nearby city residents may also apply, but priority will be given to Oakland) SPAÑOL | ENGLISH
  • If you are undocumented yourself or have family members who are undocumented and have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. ESPAÑOL | ENGLISH
  • For Latinas/o/e/x people over 65 year of age who work non-wage jobs like street vending, can collectors, sales by catalog or swap meet, house cleaners,  etc.  $100-$250 por familia dependiendo fondos recaudados y personas que soliciten fondos. ESPAÑOL 
                HOUSING SECURITY + UPDATES            
  • Free meals for ALL ages! Grab and go every day, Monday through Friday, 9AM to 11AM Click here to find the nearest location for you!
  • Updated School List of Meal Distribution
  • For a list of local schools that are still providing meals county wide during the COVID-19 closures, click here.
  • To see a list of meal providers click here.
  • Senior Nutrition Program 
    Food to go, over 25 locations in the county.
    Click here for the most up-to-date information about site closures and to-go/take-out locations or call (408)975-4860
    PLEASE NOTE: Meals on Wheels continues to provide home-delivery of meals. Call (408) 350-3246 for more information.
  • Free lunch and free dinner for homeless or anyone in need!
    Visit the Emmanuel House is located at 405 N. 4th Street in San Jose.
    To get help or learn, please contact Dan Guhl, Director, at or (408) 282-1175.
  • Food Pantry
    Sacred Heart Community Service will be distributing FREE pre-packaged food bags.
    No registration needed!
    Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 4 pm
    Friday: CLOSED
    Please note that for safety reasons they will only be only allowing 25 people in the building at a time, so there may be an increase in wait times. 

                    FINANCIAL SUPPORT                    

  • Emergency Funds
  • Refer back to support for workers and and unemployment for applications 

                     WIFI/INTERNET ACESS                

Beginning March 16
Charter Communications will make its internet and WiFi services available for free for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who don’t already have internet through the company. WiFi hotspots will also be open for public.

                     HEALTH ACCESS                     

  • Medi-Cal Elibiility information can be found here  and local county eligibility offices can be found here.
  • Mexican Consulate Ventanilla de Salud information can be found here
  • The Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) COVID-19 resource page can be found
  • Clinics and Helplines
                 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HELP                 

                         UPCOMING WEBINARS + OTHER RESOURCES                     

                  ADDITIONAL RESOURCES               

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