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These easy-to-use, online programs were developed to provide De Anza students with useful information and motivation toward healthy behavior

Click each link to begin a program. Topics include alcohol use, preventing sexual violence, planning for well-being and short screeners.

(Your participation in these programs is confidential, unless you are required to provide a verification of completion for a specific reason. In that case, you will see instructions for filling out a verification form at the end of the program.)

Alcohol Education

Learn about your own pattern of use and potential risks, identify your goals and find helpful resources at the college and in the community.

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Plan for Well-Being

Develop a personalized plan for achieving your well-being goals, including helpful techniques and resources for support.

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Preventing Sexual Violence 

Learn the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, understand consent, and gain strategies for preventing sexual violence and supporting survivors of domestic violence.

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Take a Short Screener

Answer a few questions to gain more clarity about your emotional well-being, which can directly affect your ability to succeed in college and beyond. You’ll get customized results to help you.

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