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March 14, 2019 Draft Notes

Approve the Notes from January 10, 2019

The January 10, 2019 notes were approved.

Merging Campus Budget into Administrative Services Planning & Budget Team

Approved by APBT 10/12/18; CBT 11/27/18; Classified and Academic Senate on October 4, 2018.

Stemming from questions from the Accreditation site visit team regarding the purpose of the Campus Budget team a proposal was made to combine the Campus Budget responsibilities with the APBT. The formation of the Campus Budget Committee was necessary at the time but continual improvements driven by the college planning committee and two accreditation cycles has resulted in a robust campus governance structure in which Campus Budget no longer adds value.

Item approved.

Approval of IPBT's Allocation of Instructional Equipment and Lottery Funds

Funding sources:
Perkins – allocated in 2018
SWF (Strong Work Force) Local
SWF Regional
Instructional Equipment – allocating conservatively as no guarantee of annual allocation from the State
Lottery Enhancement
Mary Pape explained the process IPBT followed and noted that the team worked hard reviewing and clarifying the funding requests from 10 divisions during the winter quarter. IPBT decisions were data driven and only requests identified in program reviews were considered for funding. The IPBT looked at the language of the law and considered eligibility of other funding sources prior to making decisions.  Some of the facilities requests would be forwarded to facilities committee for review/consideration. All qualified Physical Education & Athletics were approved as this division was not eligible for other funding sources, such as SWF.  All priority 1 SWF items were funded. The lottery item will be amended to read Lottery Enhancement clarify that this funding is outside of the yearly allocation of lottery funding. A line item will be added to reflect the VPI allocation.

$1,867,577 was approved as per the spreadsheet Ranck displayed. The additional money for the VPI allocation was also approved.

Item approved with amendments.

Approval of Educational Master Plan - Update 2018

Educational Master Plan 2015-2020 - Update 2018

Draft update was presented to College Council 11/29/18 as a discussion item. Approval is now being requested.

Discussion on the last bullet on page 17 regarding the SLO assessment signature form. The bullet will be removed and another paragraph will be incorporated to capture current status. 

Item approved with amendment.

College Council Meeting Schedule Change

Meet twice a quarter. Additional meetings as needed.

Co-chairs proposed scheduling meetings around items needing approval from the PBTs and other governance groups. Co-chairs noted that everyone's time is valuable and that the PBTs do a lot of work in their areas and generally do not have items ready to approve twice a month. The intention is to keep the current time frame but reduce the frequency of the meetings to avoid so many cancellations. The proposed schedule would be twice a quarter. Additional meetings would be schedule as needed.

Item approved.

Budget Reduction Updates

March 4, 2019 Board Meeting - Resolutions Authorizing the Reduction in Personnel Service

Espinosa-Pieb directed the team to the March 4, 2019 Board meeting where the result of the work the college did over the last year to achieve the De Anza $8.8M budget reduction target is posted. No classified or full-time faculty were laid off.

Rumor control: No additional cuts this fiscal year 2018/19 even although it was stated at a Board meeting that the district may still have a deficit. Replacement hiring is ongoing. Some departments are looking at reorganization prior to hiring.  Managers should keep their faculty and staff apprised of the hiring status.  1320 (part-time faculty costs) will be allocated to eligible divisions that have SRP retirements in FY 2019/20. Non SRP faculty retirements can be reviewed by IPBT for faculty hiring but hiring is dependent upon enrollment and budget and is not guaranteed.

Lack of equal opportunity reps seriously impede the hiring progress. The 3-hour equity training should be reduced to a 1-hour training. Specific challenges regarding EO reps / EO training should be directed to managers/VPs to discuss with the district.

Introduction to Guided Pathways Presentation & Survey Request

The Convocation took place on February 22, 2019 at the Kirsch Center. 130 participants of whom 30 were students. Thanks to the communications office for the website and other assistance.

There was an enthusiastic response to collaboration work on mapping activities and the Four Pillars. The convocation was well attended by faculty and classified and a board member, Peter Landsberger, also participated on a team.

The College is liaising with Laurie Scolari, one of three Regional Coordinators serving the San Francisco Bay Area region. Regional Coordinators help inform development of needed tools and resources as colleges work to integrate the Guided Pathways framework. She is assisting the college with forming local goals to guide statewide goals and forming a vision for success (the “what” the goal is) and ultimately the guided pathway (the “how” we get there).

Statewide initiatives often have a quick implementation time frame and faculty should be involved early in the process. Guided pathways have a core team of faculty driving the work. Ranck and Mieso are key members of senior staff who will either attend meetings or send a designee. The State Chancellor’s office has made some funding available to assist with the work.

The guided pathways conversation can encompass many ideas, including molding some general education classes into guided pathways.


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Chow, Espinosa-Pieb, Fayek, Lee (for Woodbury) Maynard, Mieso, Norte, Pape, Robles, Ranck, Shively, White (for Caceres).

Bryant, Newell, Spatafore

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