Meeting Notes

April 24, 2014

Admin #109, 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Attending: Bdzil, Bryant, Cruz, Glapion, Jeanpierre, Khanna, Murphy, Newell, Rasin, Reza, Seyvani, Spatafore, Woodward for FA

Approval of February 13, 2014 and March 13, 2014 Minutes

The minutes of both meetings were approved by consensus.

Budget Updates

Jeanpierre provided a brief budget update as we are awaiting the Governor’s May revise and the results/analysis from the May 20 ACBO conference. Enrollment for P2 looks good, an improvement over P1; we are down 1% for Spring enrollment.

She is working with Student Services on 3SP to collect necessary data to ensure we earn the resources becoming available. 3SP is not just a campus issue but is a district program. The Governor’s budget will be providing $100M for equity; the district may receive up to $2.5M with De Anza’s share approximately $1.3M for 3SP. As a result, we are required to have an equity plan and meet criteria for future permanent spending.

Senate Updates

Academic Senate

Cruz reported on the 2014 Spring statewide academic senate plenary meetings. The group attended joint sessions, workshops, and advocated the resolution for baccalaureate degrees. There were a variety of workshops focusing on under-represented groups, specifically African American males.

Our Academic Senate is reviewing Standard I with regard to Student Services and Leadership and the Mission Statement. While in agreement with the draft proposal the senate is requesting further clarification of the institutional core competencies with regard to global, cultural and social awareness.

Classified Senate Updates

Bdzil reported on Neal’s visit to the classified senate, dialogue on equity planning, and dissemination of the draft surveys. She reported on the upcoming May 16 classified retreat focusing on equity and reconfiguration of classified senate. The classified senate recently voted to reconfigure it’s representation, reducing the number of senators from 18 to 13. Elections for 2014-2015 are scheduled for May 22.

DASB Updates

With the resignation of Stacie Rowe, Koosha Seyvani has assumed the responsibilities of Acting President while Robert Rasin was introduced as the new Vice President.

DASB is busy preparing for next academic year with new candidates and the vacant student trustee position. Inauguration of new officers is scheduled for June 4. The DASB was commended for their exceptional, thoughtful and serious budget process.

Equity Dialogue

Programs, divisions throughout the campus are working on development of equity plans with the Equity Action Council to focus on equity and social justice as an ongoing process.

Cruz introduced the equity questionnaire which will be administered to all groups across campus. She requested feedback on 5 questions and asked the college council members to think about equity as an opportunity for self-reflection as part of the process. How do we view equity in the work we do, relate to each other and to our students? A lengthy discussion followed and will be revisited when the campus feedback is completed.

Open Items, Quick News & Updates

. Spatafore provided updates to the Marketing/Communications online resources to better serve faculty and staff.

Marketing/Communications Services -- Please use the new web form to request assistance with projects including website development, design/print and photography. You will receive prompt acknowledgment and follow-up from communications associate Vanessa Smith. The new project request form is available at

Plan and Promote Your Event: A Checklist -- Step-by-step instructions and many tips are now available at In order for us to better coordinate within the office, please use the new group email address to notify Marketing/Communications staff members about your event:

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