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Date: November 17, 2022
Time: 3:30 p.m - 5:00 p.m.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    3:30 p.m. - 3:35 p.m.  Approve Notes from June 9, 2022  A  Balm/ Wallace
    3:35 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. FHDA Sustainability Action Plan  Cadiz
    3:45 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  DASG Restructure Proposal  I  Huang
    4:00 p.m. - 4:50 p.m.

     Shared Governance Structure 

     D  Holmes/Balm/Wallace
    4:50 p.m. - 4:55 p.m.   Report-outs from Governance Teams  I  Member Representatives
    4:55 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes [DRAFT]

    June 9, 2022 Minutes Approved.

    FHDA Sustainability Action Plan

    Mahato shared the Sustainability Action Plan presentation, noting that it is a robust plan. Mahato noted areas of interest and that this plan will be going to the Board of Trustees in December for approval. Mahato asks that comments, and feedback be emailed to Joel Cadiz at

    DASG Restructure Proposal

    Amy Huang, DASG President and Jenny Trinh, DASG Vice President shared the restructure proposal presentation, noting how its current structure works, inefficiency, and lack of guidelines. Huang mentioned that DASG worked on consolidating positions with an aim that individuals are onboarded better and that each senator will have specific responsibilities based on a recommended list of shared governances dependent to their position. This will consolidate the number of committees from nine to six. Huang asks attendees to read through the slides for more information.

    Huang noted that changes are happening within DASG- including implementing what works and removing what does not work. Huang emphasized the Payment Structure slide and the importance for senators to be compensated accordingly to increase diversity in DASG to reflect representation of all students at De Anza. Huang outlined the current student process, future payment evaluations and the quarterly evaluations to receive the stipend.

    Attendee asked if senators are currently elected by all student body, and clarification on student process and elections. Huang noted that student body votes on the chairs and that support positions would go under committees that required extra screening as internal elections and that general elections are still happening but rather just adding an additional spring election. Attendees had questions on funding and back-up plans. 

    When Holmes asked what the outcome would be if funds are not allocated, Huang noted they would look into external funding if needed. Attendees also had questions on student compensation for shared governance committees, which huang noted that all senators on student governance are on shared governance and student governance will be compensated. 

    Huang asked attendees to email her or Jenny with any addition questions.

    Holmes commended DASG for the outstanding job with the restructure proposal.

    Shared Governance Structure 

    Holmes noted a meeting with Wallace and balm to discuss next steps of moving forward with the governance model and expressed gratitude to Balm for agreeing to take on the lead with next steps. Holmes noted that Balm has been meeting with others since then, on actual steps, in order to move into a new model in the winter quarter.

    Balm shared document link of Next Steps following SG Retreat. Balm noted meeting with Newell to discuss handbook and the Office of professional development regarding training. Balm also shared the minutes of the planning meetings she is having. Balm noted the meeting on November 4th and that PAC will start meeting on January on Tuesdays from 10-11:30 am once a week. Also noted in that meeting was the question of who takes the minutes, updates the agenda and website. Balm shared that currently each of the PBTs is co-chair by a VP who has an administrative assistant who does that and is not out of scope of duties. Balm asked for feedback/thoughts on idea of finding a neutral individual that could serve as a compensated non-voting secretary for PAC. When asked to clarify if this would be an extra position, Balm shared the PAC membership chart proposal, noting that this would be an additional position (non-voting). Balm hopes to compensate for this position, whether classified/faculty, similar to the Academic Senate secretary. 

    Balm noted that the budget taskforce will start working its way to becoming the budget committee, have standing members, charge meeting dates, and collectively in Spring, once those two committees form and have chairs, they will work on distinction of charge of each.

    Balm noted that they are working on combining charges of the PBTs into a charge for the PAC and having it draft by the first meeting in January. Wallace noted that membership, position and roles to make up the five representatives on PAC is being worked on: one will be an executive member of the Senate, one senator with no requirements and unclear of the additional five. 

    Balm noted conversation with current PBT chairs around chair structure, envisioning a tri-chair with one of the three VPs serving as chair, Academic VP and someone with Classified. Weekly planning meetings and agenda setting would be faculty co-chair, 3 VPs and executive secretary. Balm mentioned the December 6 PAC Meeting for an in informal/orientation meet and greet to start conversation about charge- getting to know each other. Will launch in January.

    Regarding training, balm has met with Guzman and Lee, and talked about video modules, training and onboarding, general governance, constituency, committees, PGA, and specific trainings in person.

    Holmes express much appreciation to balm for taking the lead on this and hopes that individuals will continue to provide feedback to build a system that works.

    Attendees talked about PAC meetings-virtual or in-person, sharing the link provided by Balm to share information with their constituencies, compensation, training, and onboarding.

    Report-outs from Governance Teams

    LeBleu-Burns shared the Black Student Welcome event with more than 60 students attending and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day event with speaker Judge Cordell, more information can be found on the BFSA events page.   

    Garcia shared more information on the Native Thankstaken Series Flyer. Flyer is posted on the website and invites all to participate.

    Wallace noted planning a lunch meet and greet gathering for Classified Senate in December.

    Holmes shared with attendees information on a district letter of interest with county pursuing/investigating building a health facility on campus, which will be paid completely by the county. Noting that the county/ college can back up at any point during this exploratory period and an ongoing conversation. Letter of interest can be found in the Board of Trustees agenda.

    Please read the reports at the link provided.


    College Council Meeting          Start Time / End Time
                                                            3:25:56 PM    4:50:38 PM
    Name (Original Name)  

    Adam Contreras     1
    Adam Contreras     19
    Adam Contreras     12
    Adam Contreras     1
    Adam Contreras     44
    Adriana       1
    Adriana       67
    Cheryl Jaeger Balm     81
    Christina G. Espinosa-Pieb (she#her# ella) 2
    Christina G. Espinosa-Pieb (she#her# ella) 79
    DASG Flea Market     1
    DASG President     1
    DASG President     27
    DASG President     52
    Dr. Elvin T. Ramos     3
    Dr. Elvin T. Ramos     79
    Erik Woodbury     1
    Erik Woodbury     78
    Iman Seale (she/her)     1
    Iman Seale (she/her)     18
    Jennifer Mahato     2
    Jennifer Mahato     1
    Jennifer Mahato     79
    Jenny Trinh       1
    Jenny Trinh DASG Vice-President (Jenny Trinh) 72
    Karen Chow       1
    Karen Chow       46
    Karen Chow       22
    Lisa Mandy       4
    Lisa Mandy       79
    Lloyd Holmes     82
    Mallory Newell (she/her)     2
    Mallory Newell (she/her)     10
    Mallory Newell (she/her)     70
    Marisa Spatafore     1
    Marisa Spatafore     76
    Michele LeBleu-Burns     1
    Michele LeBleu-Burns     76
    Moaty Fayek     3
    Moaty Fayek     79
    Nathaly Aguilar (She/Her/Hers)   2
    Nathaly Aguilar (She/Her/Hers)   84
    Pam Grey       1
    Pam Grey       79
    Rob Mieso       2
    Rob Mieso       79
    Ruihan Sun       4
    Ruihan Sun       79
    Sarah Wallace     84
    Thomas Ray (he# him)     1
    Thomas Ray (he# him)     78
    Tim Shively       3
    Tim Shively       79
    Vins Chacko       1
    Vins Chacko       33
    Vins Chacko       1
    Vins Chacko       46

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