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Date: October 28, 2021
Time: 3:00 p.m - 4:30 p.m.

  • Agenda




    Discussion Leader

    3:00 p.m.-  3:10 p.m.

    Welcome and Introductions



    3:10 p.m.- 3:20 p.m.

    IPBT Recommendation for Athletics Team Substitution


    Mary Pape

    3:20 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.

    Technology Plan 2021-2024


    Spatafore, Harrell & Pape

    3:30 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.

    New shared governance structure


    Shared Governance Task Force Members

    4:00 p.m.- 4:10 p.m.

    FHDA Energy Master Plan


    Joel Cadiz

    4:10 p.m.- 4:20 p.m.

    College Council Structure: What should it look like?

     D  Jaeger Balm/ Chand

    4:20 p.m.- 4:25 p.m.

    Report-outs from Governance Teams


     Member Representatives

    4:25 p.m.- 4:30 p.m.

    Quick News



  • Minutes

    IPBT Recommendation for Athletics Team Substitution

    Pape presented recommended proposal to College Council regarding Sports substitution on the women’s program. Pape noted that on October 12, 2021, Mendoza presented the proposal to IPBT to implement a women’s beach volleyball program in place of the women’s softball. On Oct. 19 IPBT voted to recommend the proposal to College Council. Pape asked College Council that the recommended substitution be accepted.

    College Council members voted in favor to approve the recommended substitution.

    *Edmundo mentioned that due to his upcoming retirement, he has stepped down as EAC tri-chair and Ramos is now the voting member representing EAC at College Council.

    Technology Plan 2021-2024

    Spatafore reminded attendees that the Technology Committee is an advisory committee- to college council. Highlighting that the previous plan was about three years prior, and it has been about a year since this technology plan started. Spatafore, Pape and Harrell presented information on the document. Holmes highlighted the Guided pathways initiative and how technology would be critical on moving that initiative forward.

    Spatafore reflected on the equity focus of the document presented, comparing current goals to the previous plan, noting that they are more specific to pursue and track efficiently. Spatafore highlighted goal forward is to enhance communication and collaboration with ETS to achieve evolving priority college objectives. CC member asked on the effect of ETS handling workload and funding to cover it as is mentioned on “Goal 4- Employee technology” to which Spatafore noted "as appropriate” has been added.   

    The Technology Plan proposal was approved.

    New Shared Governance Structure

    Balducci shared the SGTF proposal slides. Members shared new proposed SG model steps, model, structure, overview, recommendations to a new PRC, budget committee, Proposed decision- making and next steps. SGTF member noted steps to bring model to college through question-and-answer sessions, and by gathering feedback from today’s meeting to bring back to CC after they finalize the proposal. As a reference, it was noted that PRT is a resource team from the state that can help implement anything related to shared governance, technology, communications, and ultimately get funding.

    CC members expressed concern on terms such as Deans/ divisions/department chairs, noting the language of the presentation seemed instructional/ divisional centered. Also noting concerns about meetings and the New proposed shared governance model. Highlighting that institutional effectiveness committee is important to have a connection to the planning and resource committee. CC member suggested a shared template as committees are reduced into one. When asked to give more context on the reason for creating the taskforce, SGTF noted that CC came to create Taskforce because of the collegewide survey that people did not understand how decisions were made- decisions were put forth- only IPBT did all the work with that. Member noted that one of the goals of the planning and resource committee was to reduce the competition for resources, one committee, represented to decide allocation funds, be more productive and equitable.

    Holmes asked attendees to digest information and Provide feedback to the committee. Holmes highlighted the importance to communicate the information provided with their constituencies, hoping the taskforce engages on campus conversations with various groups to make recommendation to Holmes.

    FHDA Energy Master Plan

    Grey presented slides on behalf of Cadiz. The proposed plan will go to the Board of Trustees for the first reading in November and approval in December.Grey asked attendees to submit questions/ comments to Cadiz and CC Grey and Mahato.

     Holmes noted that the document was send out to various groups previously.

    College Council Structure: What should it look like?

    Jaeger Balm highlighted the College Council charge, membership, and structure webpage. Jaeger Balm and Chand suggested keeping the College President on College Council as a non-voting member and having as co-chairs the academic senate president and classified president/ president elect. Jaeger Balm suggested shorter College Council meetings, from 3- 4:30 pm and noting members could read agenda and documents ahead of time, prior to the meeting. Jaeger Balm asked members for feedback and suggestions. CC member highlighted the importance of Membership to make sure decisions are not made by one group.

    Jaeger Balm addressed the MSA membership on College Council and whether this should be a College Council membership, noting that each of the affinity group is represented. College Council members recommend the issue be brough to MSA directly and get input before deciding whether they’d still like to have College Council voting membership.

    Caparas asked about the official request process to be consider part of College Council LGBTQ+ affinity group. Jaeger noted the process is to email Chand and body votes on it.

    Report-outs from Governance Teams

    Report outs will be on a written format. Each group can fill out their portion after agenda is posted or after meeting. Jaeger Balm asked members for feedback.

    Quick News

    Spatafore reminded that the office of communications is continuing the CAN/DID series, noting some of the topics in the Latinx community and the absence of faculty/staff association on LGBTQ+ issues. Individuals will be receiving a quick news email inviting participation on the video series.

    Cortez thanked all who attended and supported the Alicia Garza event.

    Holmes highlighted the importance to discuss information with their constituencies to continue discussion at College Council.

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