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Date: November 19, 2020
Time: 3-5 p.m.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    3 p.m. Approve the Notes from October 29, 2020

    "Serves as the Accreditation Steering Committee" was removed from the College Council Charge as this one of the responsibilities of the College Planning Committee
    I Holmes/Chow
    3:05 p.m. Welcome Appointed Affinity Group Members to College Council I Holmes/Chow
    3:15-3:20 p.m. Collateral Plan " B" was Presented to Chancellor by November 1, 2020 I Holmes
    3:20-3:40 p.m. Reports from Governance Teams I Member Representatives
    3:40-4:20 p.m. Governance Group Taskforce: Charge, Membership & Timeline - Review First Draft of Document D Holmes/Chow
     4:20-4:50 p.m. Discussion on Proposal to Record Meetings D/A Holmes/Chow
    4:50-4:55 p.m. Schedule Next Meeting A All
    4:55-5 p.m Quick News A All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Approval of Notes from October 29, 2020
    The notes were approved. "Serves as the Accreditation Steering Committee" was removed from the College Council Charge as this one of the responsibilities of the College Planning Committee.

    Welcome Appointed Affinity Group Members to College Council
    Michele Le Bleu-Burns was assigned on 11/18/2020 as the BFSA representative and Tracy Chung-Tabangcura was assigned on 11/16/2020 as the interim APASA rep until a permanent rep is assigned. The members also welcomed Adam Contreras who was assigned on 11/17/2020 as the CSEA representative.

    Collateral Plan " B" was Presented to Chancellor by November 1, 2020
    Holmes reported that he had presented the College Council recommended Collateral Plan “B” to the Chancellor by the due date of November 1, 2020.

    Reports from Governance Teams

    APBT  had not met since the last College Council meeting.

    Campus Facilities are continuing work on the Facilities Master Plan 2021-2026 update and the DA Event Center.  Details on both are posted to the Campus Facilities website.

    DASB is hosting a townhall tomorrow 11/20 from 4-6 p.m. Working on diversity courses. Approved a new scholarship in honor of a DASB senator.

    EAC is holding a retreat on 12/4. Further discussion on planning for Dr. Joy DeGruy. Meeting with Police Advisory Board in December. EAC takes time at the beginning of meetings for members to connect. Holmes reminded the team that the Board priorities for this year are centered around equity. The work of the EAC is very important as it will support the Colleges report to the Board next June on what the college has achieved regarding closing the equity gap.

    IPBT had a team building activity called Creation Stories which the members found very valuable. Reviewed previous processes for decision-making focusing in on equity.

    SSPBT is working to incorporate Council for the Advancement of Standards in
    Higher Education (CAS) into program reviews. Membership is now up to date. Students are attending. Holmes stated that his prior college's last accreditation visit the committee had commended student services for using CAS.

    Technology Committee sending out a technology survey to employees and students. Waiting on a classified tri-chair appointment.

    Governance Group Taskforce: Charge, Membership & Timeline
    Holmes and Chow shared that they had discussed a number of approaches regarding the process of setting up a taskforce to evaluate and improve the governance structure. They reiterated that this is a unique opportunity to do an in-depth analysis of how to shape the future of shared governance at the college and that it is important to start on the right path. The taskforce will, among other things, center on goals of inclusion, service to students, college vision, mission and values, and assessment of the current governance structure.  Holmes and Chow recommended bringing in a neutral party and professional in the field of shared governance and asked the members their thoughts on inviting the Community College League of California President, Larry Galizio or former Grossmont-Cuyamaca Chancellor, Cindy Miles, or someone with similar experience, to the next College Council meeting. The members agreed that hearing from outside professional/s with different viewpoints on shared governance would be helpful.  

    Discussion on Proposal to Record Meetings
    Following up from a visitor’s request at the previous meeting to record College Council meetings, participants shared their thoughts on the pros and cons of the request.  After consideration, the team voted against recording the meetings.

    Schedule Next Meeting
    The next meeting will be on January 14, 2021. Larry Galizio would be invited to the meeting.

    Quick News
    Appreciation for LeBleu-Burns, Norte and Ranck at the Dean’s meeting earlier in the day.

    Appreciation for the senior staff for their presentation at the State Chancellor’s forum on student-centered practices that have helped maintain stable enrollment this fall, when enrollment has declined for many community colleges around the nation.

    Discussion on the State moving the County of Santa Clara into the Purple Tier, the most restrictive tier, on November 16, 2020 and the impact to returning to campus and for those employees who come to campus as essential workers.

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    Dr. White


    Edmundo Norte


    Erik Woodbury


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    Heidi King


    Karen Chow


    Katelyn Pan


    Kimberly Lam


    Laureen Balducci


    Lloyd Holmes


    Lorrie Ranck (she/her)


    Mallory Newell


    Marilyn Booye


    Marisa Spatafore


    Mary Pape


    Michael Wallerius


    Michele LeBleu-Burns


    Moaty Fayek


    Moaty Fayek


    Pam Grey


    Pippa Gibson


    Richard Hansen


    Rob Mieso


    Sally Gore


    Scott Olsen (he/him)


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