General Meeting Information

Date: October 29, 2020
Time: 3-5 p.m.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    3 p.m. Welcome and Introductions I Holmes/Chow
    3:10-3:15 p.m. Approval of Notes June 18, 2020 A Chow
    3:15-3-30 p.m. Review and Approve the Guiding Principles, Governance Pathway, Charge and Ground Rules A Holmes/Chow
    3:30-3:50 p.m. Adding one voting member from each Affinity group to College Council D/A Holmes/Chow
    3:50-4:05 p.m. Review and make recommendation to President on $4.5M budget reduction collateral plan  mandated by the District D/A PBT co/tri-chairs
    4:05-4:15 p.m.

    Reports from constituent groups

    I Constituent group president/ chair/co-chair/tri-chair
    4:15-4:50 p.m. Governance Group Taskforce:
    Charge, Membership & Timeline
    D Holmes/Chow
    4:50-4:55 p.m. Schedule next meeting A All
    4:55-5 p.m. Quick News I All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Welcome and Introductions

    Holmes welcomed the team to the first College Council meeting under his presidency.  The members introduced themselves and stated which constituent group they represent.

    Approval of Notes June 18, 2020

    The notes were approved.

    Review and Approve the Guiding Principles, Governance Pathway, Charge and Ground Rules

    Item approved with two edits: Under bullet 5,  add the phrase “and be respectful of the formal voting process should it occur”. Add language to include visitors & guests to the ground rules.

    Further discussion needed on the proposal to utilize technology to record the meetings and add this approval to the ground rules. Recording allows for transparency and will fully archive the discussion whereas notes do not. Recordings should be publicly available. 

    Recording shared governance meetings in general concerns some constituent groups. Divergent opinions on this issue. Need to answer questions to determine what and how the recordings will be captured, if approved.

    Adding One Voting Member from Each Affinity Group to College Council

    Members agreed to extend an invitation to the three affinity groups BFSA (, DALA (, and APASA ( to appoint one voting member to College Council. There is much diversity within affinity groups. Affinity group voices add an important perspective to the equity work of the college.

    Review and Make Recommendation to President on $4.5M budget reduction contingency plan Mandated by the District  

    As per Chancellor Miner’s email on 9/2/2020 (side 2 in the presentation), De Anza College had to determine if it had $4.5M in one-time dollars for collateral. Holmes shared his rationale for the collateral plan proposal stating he directed the senior team, and Grey in particular, to look at the numerous accounts across the campus to find a way to come up with dollars without losing positions or cutting services to the students. His brief was also for senior staff to present this plan to the governance groups for their review and consideration. The collateral plan was presented to the Academic and Classified Senates, DASB (via their representation on the Academic Senate and PBTs), affinity groups (via Academic and Classified Senates, and their representation on IPBT). The PBTs work was to review the proposed collateral plan, discuss with their constituents, and give a recommendation to College Council. College Council makes a recommendation to the president. The president then reports to the chancellor. The college is not being asked to present specifics of the plan. The college is being asked to make a statement that it has identified $4.5M in one-time money. Historically speaking, classified positions and student services are often the areas first impacted in reductions. This is not the way to operate as an institution. Students are the reason we are here.

    The PBTs reported out on their discussions, details of which are posted to the PBT websites.  IPBT students asked why the IPBT was slow to produce and share a document  clarifying what the vote means and does not mean, and stated that the document was the first time the students understood that the plan was for collateral and could be changed after January.  The students previously understood it was a hypothetical plan. The document was drafted after listening and hearing the discussion from the prior IPBT meeting and realizing that this clarification document would be of value to the team. Once the IPBT tri-chairs drafted the document, it was made available immediately thereafter. The IPBT would work to improve communication and information sharing. Holmes stated that from the very beginning he referred to the plan as “collateral”. The senior staff talked about the plan at the Senates, PBTs, and the senior staff Q&A zoom meetings but, upon reflection, greater conversation would have been helpful.

    The APBT and IPBT both recommended draft 2. The SSPBT held their meeting prior to draft 2 being added as an option and thus voted on draft 1. College Council members voted to forward draft 2 as their recommendation to the president for his final decision.

     Reports from Governance Teams

    • APBT has a subcommittee working on a request for proposal (RFP) for the Bookstore. Information is posted to the APBT website.
    • Campus Facilities set up a task force and is working on the update of the facilities master plan 2022-2027. Details are posted to the website
    • DASB are working on events and internal changes. There would be a DASB town hall on 11/13/2020 from 4-6 p.m. Publishing a newsletter in early December to all students to share upcoming events, programs and scholarship opportunities. Marketing committee has been working on a canvas shell for resources. November 10 is first info session for the student general elections being held next February/March. Continuing to work on diversifying the senate in order to serve underrepresented students and the collation on fighting anti-blackness on campus based on a specific ask from the African American Studies department. Trying to be more inclusive of different students and looking at the impact unpaid work has on student representatives. Supporting student athletes in various ways including coming back to campus.
    • EAC are reviewing the language in student equity plan. The District Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee (DDEAC) had been asked give input on the language, from an equity perspective, on the Board’s priorities statement. Working with Dr. Joy DeGruy to plan further equity work across the campus.  New members on the EAC have taken the time to really get to know each other and build strong relationships
    • IPBT reported as per item above
    • SSPBT report as per item above
    • Technology Committee is tasked with campus technology planning and a survey to students and staff would be sent out soon. Adopting a tri-chair structure.

    Governance Group Taskforce: Charge, Membership & Timeline

    President Holmes stated that back at the June 2020 College Council meeting, prior to his employment date of July 1, 2020, he heard a lot of discussion regarding the need to look at the shared governance structure to determine how to make improvements moving forward. Voices were not being heard; people were not being represented. Prior to taking any action, important to first asked the current shared governance groups their thoughts on what is working well and what is not. This resulted in the governance groups being asked to complete a survey in late summer. Via their governance representatives, all constituent groups, including the students, had an opportunity to participate in this survey. The survey results are posted to the governance websites. In Fall quarter, another survey was sent out to employees with a deadline of October 30, 2020. Information from the Fall survey is being compiled and College Council co-chairs will review and share the overarching themes at the November 2, 2020 senior staff Q&A zoom meeting. This information will be published to the governance site soon. Need to look at the shared governance structure through an equity lens. President has been asked many times how he will improve equity outcomes. Improvements cannot be done by the president alone; this must be a collaborative effort. The college will look to the Equity Action Council for their leadership on equity efforts. Participation from students was requested via the shared governance survey. All shared governance constituent group representatives are tasked with sharing information and gathering feedback from their constituents and reporting back to the governance groups via the reps. Student input is very important. Students are not paid for their time. Some students feel like their voices are not being heard, and do not feel comfortable in discussion spaces. The value of the governance group structure is to hear from all campus constituents, including students. Students will have an opportunity to volunteer to serve on the governance review taskforce. As no members or constituent groups volunteered to start work, or work collaboratively in a shared document, on a first draft the governance group taskforce: Charge, Membership & Timeline, the College Council co-chairs took on this task and would bring back a first draft to the next meeting for review and discussion.

    Schedule Next Meeting

    The next meeting would be in two weeks.

    Quick News

    Please be mindful that election day is next week and it would not be business as usual for many employees and students.

    Attendees as per Zoom Meeting Report

     Meeting ID College Council Meeting  96912854646

    Start Time 10/29/20 14:55

    Name (Original Name)

    Total Duration (Minutes)


    Anita Muthyala-Kandula


    Christina G. Espinosa-Pieb (she#her# ella)


    Erik Woodbury


    Erik Woodbury VM (Erik Woodbury)


    Heidi King


    Karen Chow


    Katelyn Pan


    Kimberly Lam (she/her) (Kimberly Lam)


    Laureen Balducci


    Lloyd Holmes


    Marilyn Booye


    Mary Pape


    Moaty Fayek


    Michael Wallerius


    Pam Grey


    Rob Mieso


    Sally Gore


    Scott Olsen (he/him)


    Tim Shively


    Vins Chacko


    VM Edmundo Norte (he/him/ese) (Edmundo Norte (he/him/ese))  134

    Advisory Role

    Mallory Newell


    Marisa Spatafore



    Alicia Cortez (she# her# ella)


    Amy Leonard


    Anthony Nguyen


    Cheryl Jaeger Balm (Cheryl Balm)


    Chesa C (she/they)


    Dana Kennedy


    Daniel Smith


    Daniel Solomon (he/him/his) (Daniel Solomon)


    Dr. White


    Elvin T. Ramos


    Esha Dadbhawala


    Felisa Vilaubi


    Grace Lim (DASB Chair of Finance)




    Ishmael Tarikh


    Jeffrey Kasprow


    Khoa Nguyen (he/him)


    Lisa Markus


    Lorrie Ranck (she/her)


    Luiza Eloy


    Mary Donahue


    Melinda Hughes


    Nathan Ngo (Khoa-Nathan Ngo)


    Richard Hansen


    Sam Bliss - De Anza


    T Chung


    Thomas Bailey


    Thomas Ray





    Pippa Gibson


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