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Date: January 23, 2020
Time: 3-4 p.m.
Location: ADM 109

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    3:00-3:05 p.m. Approve Notes from December 5, 2019 A Espinosa-Pieb & Chow
    3:05-3:20 p.m. Instructional Faculty Position Hiring -  IPBT will present ranking A Pape
    3:20-3:50 p.m. Reports from APBT, IPBT & SSPBT I  PBT Co-chairs
    3:50- 4 p.m.  Quick News I  All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Approve Notes from December 5, 2019

    The notes were approved.

     Instructional Faculty Position Hiring 

    Nursing Program Hiring - As a result of ongoing discussions regarding the nursing program, the IPBT approved a proposal that three nursing instructors be hired in this recruitment cycle in anticipation of three upcoming nursing faculty retirements in 2021. The three positions will be funded by ending fund balance until the retirement of the three instructors, after which the funding will revert to regular nursing program budget on a permanent basis. The Nursing department will report back to IPBT in Spring to provide a recruitment status update. Starting a cohort of nursing program students entails 6 quarters so it is important to have faculty in place if the program is to remain viable. Recruitment is challenging throughout the geographical area as nurses make more money working in hospitals.  If the positions do not fill, the program may have to close and any vacant positions would go back to the IPBT for ranking as per the process.

    The item was approved.

    Pape presented an overview of the process the IPBT used to rank the 22 requested instructional positions. The full ranking data sheet, written justifications and program review data sheets are posted to the IPBT faculty hiring webpage located at The top 8 highest ranked positions were recommended to College Council for approval to hire. IPBT worked hard and analyzed a large amount of data as well as written rationales prior to making a team decision. Automotive Technology had three retirements and the student cohort need to have faculty in place so students can complete the sequence of classes. Auto Tech is a CTE program.

    During an in-depth discussion surrounding equity in the ranking process, the following overarching points were shared. Norte noted that the Equity Action Council (EAC) were disappointed in the outcome of the ranking and wanted to make sure that the college’s equity and inclusion goals were at the forefront of the ranking criteria.  Newell noted that she had provided a substantial amount of data to the IPBT for consideration, including success rates and equity gap percentages. Action plans for underrepresented student groups and SLO assessments were also included in the ranking criteria. All positions get re-ranked even if they have been on the list before or if a faculty member resigns mid-tenure, as in the case of the Chicanx/Latinx position. Hiring must be intentional and be focused on a holistic approach. Extensive work was done in the IPBT and the committee was very focused on supporting both equity and student success goals.  Each governance group should acknowledge the work done in the other groups and the thought that goes into the decision-making process. Having the assessment criteria for faculty hiring include whether a position was requested in the department program review will be reviewed. Underrepresented students are in all departments and every student has to take math. The campus equity goal is a 5% variance.  The IPBT determined that students would be best served by hiring as per the proposed list.

    Chow, Espinosa-Pieb and Norte all noted that they appreciated the time and thoughtfulness surrounding the equity discussion.

    Espinosa-Pieb stated that the role of College Council was not to 'rubber stamp' decisions but rather to make thoughtful and informed recommendations and/or decisions that best serve the whole campus.  In wrapping up the discussion Espinosa-Pieb suggested three options the members could consider.

    • Approve the IPBT recommendation
    • Approve the IPBT recommendation on the understanding that if a search for one of the recommended positions is unsuccessful and/or if more funding becomes available for faculty hiring, IPBT are requested to review the list of remaining faculty positions through an equity lens.
    • Send back to IPBT to consider additional parameters around equity and advocate for the Chicanx/Latinx Studies position.

    College Council approved the IPBT’s faculty hiring prioritizations recommendations on the understanding that if a search for one of the recommended positions is unsuccessful and/or if more funding becomes available for faculty hiring, IPBT are requested to review the list of remaining faculty positions through an equity lens.

     Reports from APBT, IPBT & SSPBT

    APBT - Next meeting is on February 11, 2020

    IPBT - Nothing additional to report

    SSPBT - Working on program reviews

    Quick News


    Present:  Booye, Burns (DASB), Chacko, Chow, Kandula, Espinosa-Pieb, Fayek, Grey, Kolar (Student Trustee), King, LeBleu-Burns, Lee, Michael (DASB President), Norte, Pape, Shively, Spatafore, Wallace (DASB).

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