General Meeting Information

Date: December 5, 2023
Time: 2-3pm
Location: Online via Zoom

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Meeting ID: 897-4615-6798

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:00pm Welcome and Introductions I All
    2:10 Approval of Agenda and Notes I/D/A All
    2:15 Budget Report I/D/A All
    2:17 Senate Business I/D/A All
    2:40 Leadership Reports I/D/A All

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    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Roll Call

    Members Present: Adriana Garcia, Deborah Armstrong, Juan Diaz, Lisa Ly, Dennis Shannakian , Andre Meggerson, Adam Contreras, Vins Chacko  


    The Classified Senate met on Tuesday, December 2023 on zoom. Due to President Adriana Garcia's technical difficulties, Juan Diaz and Debee Armstrong coordinated the meeting until she was able to attend. The meeting began at approximately 2:10 PM.

    Agenda and Notes Approval

    Both the agenda and the past meeting minutes were approved by consensus. The November 28th meeting was cancelled so the minutes approved were for November 21st. 

    Budget Report

    No new report.

    Senate Business

    Microsoft Teams

    Juan announced he would be holding an office hour for anyone who needs to drop in for help with Teams, since classified senate now uses teams to share information. It's December 7 at 9 AM. He will be in that Teams group, able to answer questions.

    Measure G Taskforce  

    Tina reported that Measure G task force concerns were raised at the November board of trustees meeting and were listened to. Currently a final decision on how money will be spent is still being made. Tina invited the board for a tour and Trustee Pearl Chang and   Peter Landsberger took her up on the offer and looked like they were really paying attention to the offer.... we are waiting to see what the final decision on money is.
    Medical Facility-Partnership with Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors 
    Tina posted a link to a shared document where De Anza colleagues can collect their questions about the proposed medical clinic. The goal, which she is working on, is to have a town meeting during the winter quarter to give the De Anza community a chance to ask questions about the proposed clinic. She also explained that the Megaproject regarding A quad renovation and student services building is a separated project from the health clinic 
    Survey for Classified Senate Request For Representation 
    Debee explained the purpose of her meeting on January 12th for which an invite was sent. She created a questionnaire that will be sent to any shared governance group that requests classified participation. The meeting is to assist in designing this form.

    Leadership Requests
    • For Hiring Committee of De Anza’s College Interim VPI- Mary Medrano and Olga Ebert
    • For Hiring Committee of De Anza’s College Permanent AVPI – Diana Martinez and Nina Van
    • CS Handbook: no takers at this time
    • Professional Development Conference Committee: Maritza Arreola, Adriana will reach out to the unions for outreach and recruitment support
    • De Anza Budget Task Force/Budget -Lisa Ly has been going on an informational level
    • Campus Wide- Classified Senate- Leadership Participation 2023.docx (
    • District wide - Classified Senate- Leadership Participation 2023.docx (
    Leadership Reports

    Adriana and Juan encouraged senators to fill in their participation on the collaborative document leadership report for Nov 29-Dec 5.

    Chancellor's Advisory Council 

    Debee reported on the meeting of the Chancellor's Advisory Council. She said that the district has received a grant to enhance "institutional effectiveness" which will be mostly based on improving employee morale. She also shared the full summary for the previous Chancelor Advisory council meetings.

    FHDA District Annual Professional Development Day Planning Committee

    Adriana announced that the committee for planning the professional development event on March 1, 2024 needs volunteers.

    Classified Senate Handbook 

    Adriana explained the purpose of the developing Classified Senate handbook and there will be upcoming meetings to flesh it out. Its goal is to document for future senate leaders how senate operates.  

    Budget Advisory Committee

    She also announced that De Anza's budgetary task force, which meets on Thursday, 3:00 pm - 4:20 pm needs classified representation. Lisa Ly noted she attends these meetings for the budget advisory committee.


    Adriana closed by listing upcoming senate-related dates.  
    Housekeeping. Debee suggested and others agreed that the phone information for the zoom meeting also be posted so anyone with technical difficulties could still dial in.

    Meeting Adjourned

    After affirmations, the meeting adjourned at 2:47 PM.

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