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Date: November 14, 2023
Time: 2-3pm
Location: Online

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Meeting ID: 897-4615-6798

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    2:00 Welcome and Introductions I Diaz
    2:10 Approval of Agenda and Notes I/D/A Diaz
      Budget Report I/D/A Garcia

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    • Survey Update- Classified Leadership Participation
    • Measure G Taskforce
    • Medical Facility 
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    Roll Call & Approval of Agenda and Minutes


    Adriana Garcia, Juan Diaz, Adam Contreras, Vins Chako, Lisa Ly, Dennis Shannakian, Andre Meggerson, Maritza Arreola


    Tina Lockwood, Claudia Guzman, Mary Medrano, Angelica Esquivel, Susan Ho, Thomas Bailey, Diana Martinez, Tina Lockwood, Claudia Guzman, Mary Medrano, Angelica Esquivel, Susan Ho, Thomas Bailey, Diana Martinez 

    Minutes and Agenda were approved.

    Survey on Classified Professional Staff

    A survey was conducted from September 5th to October 25th to assess staff participation in the previous year's committees. The survey aimed to understand staff involvement in college and district committees and gauge their capacity for engagement in such activities. It included questions about the level of participation, motivations, time commitments, and years of employment.

    The survey received 52 responses, which might represent around 20% of the staff. The survey listed 25 college committees, with data sourced primarily from the college's governance website and classified Senate inputs. The survey also included district committees and other committees identified by respondents.

    Most respondents were involved in college-only committees, with a few participating in both college and district committees. The survey revealed a range of participation levels and motivations, with self-interest being a primary driver. Time spent on committees varied, especially among those in leadership roles.

    • A significant portion of respondents were involved in college-only committees.
    • Respondents' roles varied from leadership, guests, behind-the-scenes, to other specified roles.
    • Leadership roles were often held by those also serving in a leadership capacity in college committees.
    • The primary motivation for participation was self-interest, followed by job duties and other motivations.
    • Time commitment varied greatly, especially for those in leadership roles. Some reported spending less than four hours a month, while others indicated significantly more time, up to 16 hours a month or more.
    Demographics of Respondents
    • Most respondents had been employed for between six to ten years.
    • A mix of full-time and part-time staff responded, including some who did not specify their employment years.
    Qustions and Discussion Raised on Findings
    • The need to assess current involvement and capacity for college engagement.
    • Considering what constitutes 'involvement' and how to assess capacity effectively.
    • Observations on the varying time commitments based on roles in committees.
    • A discussion on why some staff choose not to participate or prefer roles like 'guest' or 'behind-the-scenes' instead of leadership positions.
    • Concerns about the potential overactivity of some individuals in multiple committees.
    • The importance of representation in decision-making processes.
    • The challenge of balancing committee work with personal time and family commitments.
    • The potential need for more efficient committee structures or fewer committees to ease participation burdens.
    Next Steps and Concluding Thoughts
    • Sharing survey results with senior administration and other relevant groups.
    • Discussion about the potential for a follow-up survey to explore challenges in participation.
    • Reflection on the high number of committees and the feasibility of staff participation in all of them.
    • Consideration of reducing the number of committees or reevaluating their necessity.

    Leadership Reports

    DALA is doing an online fundraiser for this year’s programming, especially Latinx grad and student scholarships

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