General Meeting Information

Date: October 24, 2023
Time: 2-3pm
Location: Online via Zoom

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Meeting ID: 897-4615-6798

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2pm Welcome and Introductions I/D All


    • Additions to Agenda October 24th
    • Notes October 10th
    • Notes October 17th 
    I/D/A All
    2:20pm Budget Report I/D All

    Senate Business

    • Medical Facility  
    • Measure G  
      • Townhall Date TBA
      • Attend Board of Trustees Meeting Mon Nov 6th at 6-8pm at District Offices
    • Review

      • Survey Update – Lisa reports back on #s and or highlights
      • Bylaws – Vote Oct 24th
      • ISER will extend review- host a feedback session on Fri Oct 27
    I/D All

    Leadership Reports

    I/D All
    2:45pm  Leadership Requests 

    Next Steps and Calendar



    A = ActionD = DiscussionI = Information

  • Minutes

    Welcome/Introductions/Roll Call

    President, Adriana Garcia called the classified senate meeting to order on Tuesday, October 24, at 2:11 PM.


    Adriana Garcia, Juan Diaz, Deborah Armstrong, Lisa Ly, Adam Contreras, Andre Meggerson, Martiza Arreola

    Guests Members

    Elizabeth Jahn, Asiyah Shaik, David Kobata, Sushini Chand

    Approval of Agenda and Previous Meeting

    Both minutes for October 10 and October 17 were approved by consensus along with the current meeting agenda. Andre moved and Debee seconded the agenda; Juan moved and Adam seconded approval of the two sets of minutes.

    Budget Report

    Adriana regretted she still has no budget report.

    Classified Senate Business

    Medical Facility

    Adriana updated senate on the email she sent to the group which is planning the medical facility on campus discussed at the last meeting. This is a partnership with Santa Clara county and the valley medical facility.

    She wrote:

    She has not yet received a response.

    Measure G

    She also was trying to discover it there were still plans for a Measure G town hall so constituents especially classified staff could voice opinions that she could gather to present to the FHDA board of directors on November 6. She plans to attend that meeting and urged others to join her to respond to the measure G plans.

    Dennis reported on the Measure G task force. They viewed a presentation from senior staff that listed several options for the consultant to price. The task force is not in favor of an option that would renovate the A quad only, but all this is still in its earliest planning stages. Once pricing on several options is established and more of the task force's questions are answered, Dennis will have more on which to report back. Andre contributed to the report as well.

    Both Dennis and Andre wanted to squash a rumor that Arts faculty and staff preferred to remain in the existing A quad buildings. To clarify, they emphasized, staff didn't want to be temporarily relocated to a limited space in the L quad during renovation, however they would like to see a new building erected. There was some discussion and it's clear that the current plans and options are considered not satisfactory.

    Survey Update

    Lisa is currently unable to access her account for managing the survey so a report on that is tabled until the following week.


    Juan shared the current bylaws draft plus the feedback the draft received. After more feedback is received a vote on the revised bylaws will take place.


    Also tabled was the vote to approve the ISER (institutional self study report for accreditation). Debee who had drafted the section on classified senate hadn't realized it had been broken in to sixteen separte PDF files, so searching quickly for her comments on classified senate was now difficult to do in real-time. She re-iterated that comments would be accepted until November 3, and will post in the Senate signal which sections the classified senate should especially review.


    Andre said that RAPP is working on program review and Caring Campus meets this coming Thursday.

    Leadership Reports

    Adriana also shared the current leadership report: a collaborative document where members share their involvement in governance. The idea is to have a written document summarizing committee reports. Most important, Adriana emphasized is that it contains anything classified needs to be mindful of, E.G. important decisions and upcoming dates of interest.

    Leadership Requests

    Dennis and Maritza reported on the dining services RFP committee which is seriously considering outsourcing dining services. Efforts will be made to move current dining services staff to other positions as was done when the decision to outsource the bookstore was made. Employees will have a choice to work for the new vendor, or locate another position within FHDA. Dennis confirmed CSEA union representation is on that committee.

    Adriana asked everyone to make a special effort to greet the dining services staff and check in with them.

    The RFP process is confidential and Dennis described how that worked. Also he said that Foothill has been outsourcing their dining services for several years.

    Sushini reported RAPP meets every week. They are split into groups (CS, Admin, student and faculty) reviewing CAS for student services and providing feedback to each student services area these groups are assigned to. They will finish this task she believes by the end of this month.

    A consensus voted Dennis to become the senator in the focus area of technology. And Tina is now the representative for classified senate on the campus facilities committee.

    Next Steps and Affirmations

    Adriana explained she still has no access to the payroll deductions fund which only Tracy has signatory rights to. She asks if anyone sees Tracy she needs to contact her so she can have her signature on that account. Senate does have access to its B budget.

    Adriana is also looking for volunteers to begin planning a Xmas celebration for classified staff.

    After affirmations, the meeting adjourned at 3:12 PM.

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