General Meeting Information

Date: February 9, 2021
Time: 2:00pm

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:00 Welcome and Introductions I/D All
    2:05 Approval of Minutes & Agenda I/D/A All
    2:10 Update on Classified Senate Goals for 2020-2021 I/D King
    2:20 Upcoming Flex Days and Classified Professional Development Day - Update I/D King
    2:30 Senate Restructuring
    Presentation (PDF)
    I/D Chand
    3:00 Standing Updates I/D All
    3:20 One Book, One College, One Community I Kaufman
    3:25 Good of the Order I All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes



    Meeting Items

    Welcome and Introductions

    Approval of Minutes

    Approval of Minutes
    Scott Olsen moves to approve minutes
    Adriana seconds
    Minutes are approved

    Approval of Agenda

    Approval of Agenda
    Lorna moves to approve agenda
    Keri seconds
    Agenda is approved

    Update on Classified Senate Goals for 2020-2021

    Discussion of how to equitably reach a point where Classified workweeks include by default the option of shared governance work so that it is not “on top of” the workweek.

    This is joint work across campuses’ classified senates.

    Upcoming Flex Days and Classified Professional Development Day Update

    Form for ideas for workshops
    Workshop facilitation solicitation

    Flex day workshops are open to all employees and all services are closed.

    Senate Restructuring

    Presentation (PDF)

    • Overview of current structure
      • Geographic representation
    • Proposed changes to structure of Senate
      • Structure around five areas of interest rather than various geographic areas
    • Proposed changes to roles of Senators and Executive Leaders
      • Senators elected to address areas of interest
      • Senators assigned to specific committees relevant to that area of interest
      • Executive leaders each take on one of the areas of interest and work with the senators addressing that interest area
    • How these fit together

    General membership meeting in March, focusing on this.

    Standing updates
    • Board meeting – leadership of Classified Senates (DA, FH, Central Services) committed to making updates and being vocal with leadership reports to make sure everyone is aware of the progress we are making in terms of Classified participation in shared governance; Informational sessions around student housing upcoming
    • IPBT – discussion of reflection questions
    • SSPBT - discussion of reflection questions, forms to complete on Maxient for students in crisis
    • Technology committee – Summary of tech plan of last three years, will start to work on the new tech plan in March.
    • EAC – Conversation around how to build capacity to do equity work, discussion of scholarship in tribute of Sandra Diaz

    Dr. Holmes

    Appreciations to Heidi and others for supporting Classified Professionals. Reaffirmed commitment to Classified Professionals, consideration of filling gaps in Classified positions, making sure Classified voices are heard. Discussion of shared governance meeting on January 28th and further exploration of Classified Professional’s roles in shared governance,  tri-chair model for college council, budgeting process review, remarks on tradition not being an indication of rightness.

    One Book, One College, One Community

    Building community by choosing, reading, discussing, a book in common within the campus community.

    Student housing information session on February 23rd.

    Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm

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