A Note About Academic Senate Meetings

Academic Senate meetings will continue to be HyFlex (combination of in-person and on Zoom).
In accordance with the Brown Act and Senate policy, voting members of the Senate will attend either in-person in MLC 255, or online via Zoom from within district boundaries. All meeting locations are published in that week's minutes.

Anyone else may attend any Academic Senate meeting in-person in MLC 255, at any other published physical location, or via Zoom using the link in the meeting agenda page. If attending on campus, we request you join us in MLC 255.

Academic Senate Spring 2024 Office Hours

Academic Senate President, Erik Woodbury, will have in-person office hours Tuesdays 11:30 am - 12:30 pm in the Academic Senate Office (Admin 117) and online via zoom.  Erik is also available via email: woodburyerik@fhda.edu.

Academic Senate Vice President, Patty Guitron, will have in-person office hours Mondays 12:30 - 1:30 pm in the Academic Senate Office (Admin 117).  To request a Zoom meeting during office hours instead, email guitronpatty@fhda.edu.

To request an in-person or zoom meeting with any of the Academic Senate Officers outside of office hours, please email AcademicSenate@fhda.edu. We are widely avialable.

About the Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is represented by all full-time and part-time members of the De Anza faculty and Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees in promoting the quality of community college education. 

The Academic Senate includes all faculty members. Division/area senators and officers comprise the Executive Committee, which meets Mondays 2:30-4:20 p.m.  

Under Academic Senate purview (10+1):

The Academic Senate is an organization whose primary function is to make recommendations with respect to academic and professional matters, namely, the following policy development and implementation matters:

  1. Curriculum1 including establishing prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines
  2. Degree and certificate requirements3
  3. Grading Policies1
  4. Educational program development2, including Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
  5. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success1
  6. Governance structures as related to faculty roles2
  7. Faculty role in accreditation2
  8. Policies for faculty professional development activities1
  9. Policies for Program Review2
  10. Processes for institutional planning and budget development2 including Instructional Planning and Budget
  11. Other Academic and Professional Matters

1The FHDA Board of Trustees relies primarily on the advice and judgment of the Academic Senates on these matters.

2The FHDA Board of Trustees, De Anza administrators and Academic Senate shall reach mutual agreement on these matters.

3The Board relies primarily on the Academic Senate for GE and program-specific degree and certificate requirements, but the bodies shall reach mutual agreement on units for degrees

Needs and Confirmations

Faculty Hiring

The Faculty Search Committee Selection Process page explains the selection process for serving on faculty hiring committees at De Anza College and the role of the Academic Senate in this process.

FHDA District FT faculty employment policy and hiring procedures

Academic Senate Constitution & Bylaws

The latest versions of the constitution and bylaws, approved in Spring 2021, are available below.

Constitution: PDF and doc

Bylaws: PDF and doc

Contact Academic Senate


President: Erik Woodbury

Vice President: Patty Guitron

Executive Secretary: So Kam Lee

All officers: AcademicSenate@fhda.edu

Office Location: Adm 117

Phone: 408.864.8358

Call to Serve on Committees

To apply for an open faculty seat on a De Anza committee, please use the link below and complete the form.  (A statement with a maximum of 300 words is requested).

Request to Serve

Shared Governance Review

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