Courses Offered By This Department

Course Number Course Title Units
F/TV 1 Introduction to Cinematic Arts 4
F/TV 1H Introduction to Cinematic Arts - HONORS 4
F/TV 2A History of Cinema (1895-1950) 4
F/TV 2AH History of Cinema (1895-1950) - HONORS 4
F/TV 2AW History of Cinema (1895-1950) 4.5
F/TV 2AWH History of Cinema (1895-1950) - HONORS 4.5
F/TV 2B History of Cinema (1950-Present) 4
F/TV 2BH History of Cinema (1950-Present) - HONORS 4
F/TV 2BW History of Cinema (1950-Present) 4.5
F/TV 2BWH History of Cinema (1950-Present) - HONORS 4.5
F/TV 2C Contemporary World Cinema 4
F/TV 2CH Contemporary World Cinema - HONORS 4
F/TV 2CW Contemporary World Cinema 4.5
F/TV 2CWH Contemporary World Cinema - HONORS 4.5
F/TV 6A Screenwriting Fundamentals for Film/Video I 4
F/TV 10 Introduction to Electronic Media 4
F/TV 10H Introduction to Electronic Media - HONORS 4
F/TV 20 Beginning Video Production 4
F/TV 22 Beginning 16mm Motion Picture Production 4
F/TV 23 Beginning TV Studio Production 4
F/TV 26 Introduction to Film/Television Directing 4
F/TV 27 Nonlinear Editing 4
F/TV 29 Lighting for Film and Television 4
F/TV 30 Location Recording and Sound Design 3
F/TV 31 Audio Post-Production 3
F/TV 39 Intermediate Digital Film and Video Production 4
F/TV 41 Film Genres 4
F/TV 42 National Cinemas 4
F/TV 43 Film Artists 4
F/TV 44A 16mm/35mm Film Production I 4
F/TV 44B 16mm/35mm Film Production II 4
F/TV 45 History of Experimental Film/Video 4
F/TV 56A Introduction to Visual Effects and Color Grading 4
F/TV 57A Nonfiction Workshop I: The Documentary 4
F/TV 57B Nonfiction Workshop II: The Documentary 4
F/TV 58S Film/Television Production Workshop 1
F/TV 58T Film/Television Production Workshop 2
F/TV 58U Film/Television Production Workshop 3
F/TV 58V Film/Television Production Workshop 4
F/TV 59 Role of the Media Producer 4
F/TV 60B Screenwriting Fundamentals for Film/Video II 4
F/TV 60C Screenwriting Fundamentals for Film/Video III 4
F/TV 64A Advanced Screenwriting Workshop I 4
F/TV 64B Advanced Screenwriting Workshop II 4
F/TV 64C Advanced Screenwriting Workshop III 4
F/TV 65 Current Practices in the Film/Video Profession 4
F/TV 66A Basic Techniques of Animation: Stop Motion 3
F/TV 67A Principles of Animation: 2D Media 4
F/TV 68A Sound for Animation 3
F/TV 70A The Storyboard and Visual Development for Animation 3
F/TV 71G Introduction to 3D Computer Animation: Modeling 4
F/TV 71H Introduction to 3D Computer Animation: Character Motion 4
F/TV 72G Animated Film Pre-Production Workshop 4
F/TV 72H Animated Film Production Workshop 4
F/TV 72J Animated Film Post-Production Workshop 4
F/TV 75G History of Animation (1900-Present) 4
F/TV 75K Japanese Animation 4
F/TV 78W Special Topics in Film Studies 1
F/TV 78X Special Topics in Film Studies 2
F/TV 92 Special Topics: Industry Professionals and Practices 1
F/TV 98G Fiction Workshop (The Writer, Producer, Director) 3
F/TV 98H Fiction Workshop (The Technical Crew) 3
F/TV 98J Fiction Workshop (Editing/Post Production) 3

These listings are drawn from the current college catalog. Some courses may not be offered every quarter. Contact the academic department to find out when a course will be offered.

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