Board of Directors

Updated for 2021-22

President Michael Paccioretti 408.274.4929
Past President Tom Moore 650.969.3847
Secretary Tom Roza 408.375.9515
Treasurer Barbara Illowsky
Vice President Bill Lewis 408.639.9919
Webmaster/Listserv Admin Cindy Castillo 408.702.7721
Member At Large Janice Carr 650.941.2567
Member At Large Maureen Gates 408.736.7504
Member At Large Claudette Penner 408.736.6481
Member At Large Linda Conroy 408.966.5703
Member At Large LaDonna Yumori-Kaku
After-Words Newsletter Linda Lane n/a

Thank you all for your volunteer time!


District Benefits Tom Strand
District Benefits Faith Milonas
After-Words Email Cindy Castillo
After-Words mail Janice Carr
Scholarships Mike Brandy
Social Linda Conroy
Social LaDonna Yumori-Kaku

Board Members 2021-22 (not shown yet: LaDonna Yumori-Kaku)

1   1   1 

Mike Paccioretti                     Tom Roza                          Janice Carr

 1   1    1

Claudette Penner                              Bill Lewis                        Barbara Illowsky

 1   1    1

   Maureen Gates                                 Cindy Castillo                    Linda Conroy


Click here for the most current version of the FODARA bylaws.

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