We're Excited About Our New Name!

Here's why ... 

More than a Room

The physical space that houses De Anza’s women, gender and sexuality services has been evolving for many years. What began as an idea among a group of students in a Women's Studies class (WMST 1) developed into a small space in the Campus Center – and later, a room within the Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education. But it has always been clear that this work deserves more than just a room. Changing the name from the Jean Miller Resource Room to the Women, Gender and Sexuality Center reflects our commitment to provide expanded services, resources, and campus space.

Help Locating Services

Over the years, many students – as well as faculty and staff members – have told us they had no idea that De Anza had dedicated resources for women, gender and sexuality. Despite Jean Miller's groundbreaking work in advocating for women and the LGBTQ+ community, finding our services has been a challenge for those not familiar with her name.

In a 2020-2021 survey of LGBTQ students at De Anza, many respondents expressed that they did not feel represented on the campus website. We hope that making Women, Gender and Sexuality a more prominent part of our name will help folks find us more easily and show students that their gender and sexual identities are an important and supported part of our campus culture.

Still Honoring Jean Miller

Along with the new name, the Women, Gender and Sexuality Advisory Council has committed to honor the legacy of Jean Miller through a new student scholarship: The inaugural Jean Miller Scholarship was awarded to all of our Lavender Grads in spring 2021.

Beginning in 2021-2022, the advisory council will determine the criteria for future scholarship recipients, such as demonstrating a commitment to gender and sexuality justice in honor of Jean Miller’s work.

For more information about Jean Miller and the history of our center, visit our JMRR History webpage.

JMRR History

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