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State Student Equity Initiative has now merged to become The Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) program which was established under state Education Code 78222 to support the statewide Guided Pathways effort and the elimination of achievement gaps.


Student Equity Plan Updates

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The Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education is committed to moving our efforts beyond “diversity sensitivity” to a much deeper systemic approach to educational change and social transformation. Our State Student Equity Initiative for De Anza College is dedicated toward:

***Closing the achievement gaps among the following student populations: African Ancestry, Latino, Filipino, EOPS, Foster Youth, Low Income, Veterans, and students with disabilities.

***Necessitates alignment with 3SP & Requires collaboration between Student Services and Instructional areas

***Strong recommendation that where possible colleges integrate student equity planning into college and/or district accreditation, educational master planning, program review, and basic skills planning processes.

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