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Office of Equity staff members humbly work in unceded Ohlone territory, here in De Anza College also known as the South Bay and or Silicon Valley.  We live among the original caretakers and stewards, The Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area. We recognize De Anza College sits on the crux of Raymatush and Tamien tribal lands,. For more information about the Muwekma, please visit their website

The Ancestral Lands and Territory of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay AreaOur vision is to continue a beautiful legacy of ancestral wisdom and cultural keeping in relationship to the land with much love and respect. We understand we do this work with the contradiction that we are in occupied territory after the massacre and genocide of Ohlone peoples, with western definitions of political borders.  Thus with more conviction, we are determined to educate ourselves, as staff, faculty, students and as community members to decolonize and deconstruct, to make room for ongoing unschooling, to learn cultural humility, giving life to social justice inside and outside the classroom centering first nation peoples and through relationship building.  In this way, we stay true to an indigenous way of life, to the core value that involves "To All My Relations." 

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What is a Land Acknowledgement? 

Foothill College Land Acknowledgement with a blessing from the Muwekma Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Other regional tribal groups: RaymatushEsselenAmah Mutsun, Rumsen, Tamien

Consider learning from this great online tool "Visualizing Indigenous Persistence during Spanish Colonization of the San Francisco Bay Area."  Here is a map regarding Ohlone tribal regions , thanks to UC Berkeley's Office of Native American Student Development.

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