PTC Creo Parametric 9.0

Courses Offered

  • DMT 65B: Creo Parametric 9.0 - Basic Design
  • DMT 66B: Creo Parametric 9.0 - Intermediate class (once a year in Winter)
  • DMT 67B: Creo Parametric 9.0 - Advanced class (once a year starting April)
  • DMT 68B: Creo Parametric 9.0 - Surface class (once a year in Fall )

Here's What You Can Learn 

DMT 65B: PTC Creo Parametric (Introduction)

Course objectives

  • Describe specific CAD software and hardware requirements
  • Explain system usage, desktop features, and folder creation and manipulation
  • Define fundamental understanding of Creo core concepts
  • Create drawings from assemblies and part models
  • Interpret the use of sketching tool
  • Apply extrude, revolve and rib tools
  • Construct assemblies with constraints

The class is intended for students that have no previous experience with 3D modeling applications, but it’s also a great introductory course for students that have previous 3D modeling experience with other CAD applications.

DMT 66B: PTC Creo Parametric (Intermediate)

Course objectives

  • Create assemblies of 3D components using constraints
  • Learn the fundimentals of Sheet Metal design
  • Construct exploded assemblies from assembled components
  • Construct and alter drawing formats, title blocks, and views
  • Derive 2D details from 3D solid models
  • Establish a variety of views types including section and auxiliary views on a drawing
  • Generate assembly drawings and produce bill of materials and title block tables
  • Produce drawings with exploded views
  • Create augmented reality experience of parts and assemblies 
  • Demonstrate model based definition process to create 3-D drawings

DMT 67B: PTC Creo Parametric (Advanced)

Course objectives

  • Learn the advanced menu structure and graphical user interface used within Creo Parametric
  • Achieve competency in creation of advanced sketches
  • Apply blends and sweeps to sketches geometry
  • Learn advanced techniques for creating “Pattern Features"
  • Learn advanced techniques for creating “User Defined Features”
  • Create and modify advanced rounds on solid parts
  • Create and modify parametric relations in solid assembly parts
  • Create and modify advanced Engineering Drawings (derived from Solid Models and Assemblies).

DMT 68B: PTC Creo Parametric (Surface & ISDX) 

Course objectives

  • Create surfaces for product development
  • Manipulate surface geometry
  • Apply surface construction geometry commands
  • Extract and understand surface information
  • Extract and replace model faces using surface geometry
  • Derive surfaces from boundary curves
  • Demonstrate variable section sweeps
  • Import and utilize external geometry
  • Combine parametric controls with free-form surfacing
  • Apply analysis tools to build high quality surface
  • Apply master modeling techniques to build surfaces

Case Study

De Anza College was featured in a case study, "Preparing Students for Future Careers in Tech Hub," by the company that makes Creo and other CAD software.

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Hardware and Software Notes

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