Learning Centers

image of cooking center
Cooking Center

This area is only available for preschool children. Children learn social skills and interact with various cultures by comparing ethnic foods. They learn about raw and cooked foods by preparing cold breakfast and snacks.

image of dramatic play center
Dramatic Play Center

Children use this area to develop social interaction and language skills by pretending with dolls, toy kitchen appliances, toy utensils, and by playing dress up. Children have an opportunity to act in various roles.

image of manipulatives center
Manipulatives Center

Children play with puzzles, counting games, and matching books in this area to develop eye-hand coordination, fine motor and cognitive skills.

image of science center
Science Center

Children use this area to explore nature. An aquarium, and books about plants, insects, and animals help children with their sensory development, and observation skills. Children discuss the scientific and/or philosophical question: "Why?"

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