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o One transferable college course (4-5 quarter units each or 3 semester units each) in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning
o Four transferable college
courses (4-5 quarter units
each or 3 semester units each) chosen from at least two of the following subject areas: arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and physical and biological sciences
The above seven courses may be completed with a Pass/Credit/ Satisfactory grade if such designations are equivalent to a letter grade of C (2.0) or better. Additionally, AP exams with scores of 3, 4 or 5 can also be used. Please note: Only one of the two English composition/literature courses required can be met with an exam score.
Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)
Six UC campuses – Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz – offer guaranteed admission in particular majors to California community college students who meet specific requirements. By participating in a TAG program, students may, at some campuses, receive early review of their academic records, early admission notification and specific guidance about major preparation and general education coursework.
General Education Requirements
Transfer students have the option of completing the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) at De Anza College or the specific freshman/ sophomore general education requirements of the UC school or college at the campus they plan to attend.
Although not an admission requirement, transfer applicants from a California community college may satisfy lower- division general education requirements for the UC by completing IGETC. Completing it does not guarantee admission to the campus or program of choice. Students who intend to transfer into majors that require extensive preparation, such as engineering or the biological, physical and natural sciences, should first concentrate on completing the prerequisites for the major.
Students should check campus admissions websites for information about selection. Additional information about general education requirements is available at
All UC campuses recommend that students complete math and English as early as possible. Some highly recommend or require completion by the end of the fall term, one year prior to enrolling at UC.
Lower-Division Transfers
De Anza College is not responsible for any changes CSU may make to this information after publication of this catalog.
Upper-Division Transfer Admission Requirements
To qualify for admission as an upper- division transfer, applicants must complete 90 or more quarter (60 semester) CSU- transferable units and have met the following requirements:
Some UC campuses admit a limited
number of transfer students before they
reach junior standing. Refer to the open/
closed majors status report at admission. ■ Must complete at least 45 quarter majors/majors/ to see which campuses will units (30 semester units) of general accept freshman and sophomore transfer education (GE) courses with grades students for a particular term. Students may of C-minus or better. Applicants also check UC campus websites to learn if may visit for a full listing they will accept applications from lower- of courses at each California division transfers. community college that meet CSU
In addition to satisfying UC admission GE requirements.
requirements, transfer students must fulfill ■ Must complete transferable additional requirements before graduating. courses (CSU GE Category A) Some, such as the UC systemwide American in written communication, oral history and institutions requirement may communication and critical
be completed at De Anza College prior to thinking with grades of C-minus or transfer. better
■ Must complete one transferable TRANSFER TO course (CSU GE Area B4) in
THE CALIFORNIA mathematics or quantitative STATE UNIVERSITY reasoning with a grade of C-minus
or better
The California State University (CSU) system ■ Must have achieved a cumulative gives priority admission consideration to grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 California community college students or better in all CSU-transferable who meet the CSU upper-division transfer college units attempted
admission requirements. California ■ Expected to be in good standing community college students who have at the last college or university earned an Associate Degree for Transfer attended (eligible to re-enroll at that (alsoknownasanA.D.T.,A.S.-T.orA.A.-T.) college or university)
are given the highest priority consideration. California community college students will be considered as having achieved junior- level standing once they have completed an A.D.T. or at least 90 quarter (60 semester) CSU-transferable level units that meet their lower-division major requirements.
While at De Anza, students are encouraged to research CSU campus catalogs and websites, contact CSU campus admissions offices, and consult with a counselor or academic adviser to confirm appropriate course selection for admission to CSU. For more information about a specific CSU campus, review the university’s general catalog. Comprehensive information about the CSU system and campuses is posted online at
The following information was obtained from the 2020-2021 CSU Admissions Handbook and CSU Transfer website.
Lower-Division Transfer Admission Requirements
An applicant who completes fewer than 90 quarter (60 semester) units of college credit is considered a lower-division transfer student. Due to enrollment pressures, most CSU campuses do not admit lower-division transfers.
Having fewer than 90 quarter (60 semester) units) at the point of transfer may affect eligibility for registration priority at CSU campuses and may affect the student’s financial aid status.
California resident transfer applicants with fewer than 90 quarter or 60 semester units must meet the following requirements:
■ Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) or better in all transferable units attempted
■ Have completed, with a grade of C-minus or better, a course in

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