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■ Obtain a counselor’s approval for the petition if the course is clearly equivalent in ASSIST or C-ID
■ Obtain approval from a De Anza faculty member in the relevant discipline and the division dean, after meeting with a counselor,
if the course is not in ASSIST or C-ID
De Anza recognizes that the cost of textbooks and other materials can have a direct impact on students’ ability to achieve their educational goals. Instructors are working to provide more free and low-cost options for textbooks and other required materials. Students can learn more about these options by visiting on-books.
While the college makes every reasonable effort to determine that the information listed in the online schedule is accurate, textbook editions and ISBNs are subject to change without notice by either the instructor or publisher. The De Anza College Bookstore is not responsible for subsequent textbook changes if the student purchases them from another source. Students should review the class listings at schedule.
De Anza is committed to creating and sustaining a safe educational and working environment free of
■ Sex discrimination
■ Sexual harassment
■ Sexual violence
■ Intimate partner violence
■ Dating and acquaintance violence
and stalking
Title IX of the federal Education
Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex (gender- based) discrimination and harassment in educational programs and activities at institutions that receive federal financial funding, including for employment, academic, educational, extracurricular and athletic activities.
This federal law
■ Protects all people regardless of
their gender or gender identity from sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual violence, which are forms of discrimination
■ Requires institutions to take necessary steps to prevent sexual assault on their campuses, and to respond promptly and effectively when an assault is reported
Visit for complete information, resources and contacts, including
■ Health Services
■ Psychological Services ■ Campus police
To File A Complaint
Use the online form at For questions about filing, contact the Title IX coordinator at or 408.864.8945.
Students can order transcripts in writing from the Admissions and Records Office, or by ordering through MyPortal or the website of De Anza's authorized transcript provider. Transcripts will be sent electronically or mailed in hard copy, depending on the arrangement with the receiving institution. Students are entitled to two free electronic transcripts, which can be ordered online through the college’s authorized transcript provider. All other orders will be subject to published fees. See for more information.
Students transferring from another regionally accredited institution may request to use credit from that school to meet De Anza requirements. Official transcripts should be sent directly from the transfer institution to the Admissions and Records office. Students may also deliver a sealed, official transcript to the Admissions and Records Office, along with a request for transcript evaluation. Only lower-division
(freshman- and sophmore-level) transfer credit can be evaluated. Upon review, eligible transfer credit will be applied to the student’s De Anza record. Transfer review is not immediate and varies depending on the volume of official transcripts received.
Students who want prior coursework used as a prerequisite for a De Anza course must submit a prerequisite clearance form, along with an unofficial copy of their transcript, to the Admissions and Records Office for review. This transcript will not be evaluated for other transfer credit, but for prerequisite clearance only. Prerequisite clearance forms are available at prerequisites.
A unit is the standard measurement of college and university work. One unit equals one hour of classroom work in most classes, predominantly those in lecture or lecture-discussion formats. Students should expect two hours of outside preparation for each one hour spent in class. Laboratory classes have three hours of work per week per unit. (Specialized performance classes such as athletics, drama and music require more than three hours per week per unit.) Quarter units are equal to two-thirds of a semester unit. Conversely, a semester unit is equal to one and a half quarter units.
Twelve units is the minimum number of units required for classification as a full- time student. A normal class load will be 12-17 units.
New students may not exceed a maximum of 21.5 units during their first quarter of enrollment at De Anza without the approval of the dean of Counseling.
Continuing students may enroll in more than 21.5 units (including physical education and labs) if they have met the following conditions:
■ Completed a minimum of 18 units in the preceding quarter at De Anza
■ Have not withdrawn from more than one class in the preceding quarter, and
       * College policies and procedures regarding ADA compliance, mutual respect, nondiscrimination, sexual harassment and Title IX can be found on the college website at Information and forms for filing a complaint can be found at or by contacting the dean of Student Development and EOPS at 408.864.8218 or the dean of Counseling and Disability Support Programs and Services at 408.564.8945.

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