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Students participating in WIOA or TAA programs may receive assistance with the cost of college fees, textbooks, supplies, parking fees or other expenses, depending on the referring or contracting agency. All students in these programs are eligible for a free computer for schoolwork. If a student is referred by a contracting agency such as the Workforce Board, the agency is responsible for paying OTI’s administrative fees. Students who are not referred by a contracting agency will be responsible for paying OTI’s administrative fees.
De Anza College offers a wide variety of online courses for students for academic credit, upgrading skills or changing careers. These courses are academically equivalent to and carry the same credits as on-campus courses.
Numerous courses meet General Education (GE) and transfer requirements. Students may complete most lower division GE requirements for the A.A. degree or to transfer to a four-year institution. Courses are designed for individuals with limited time to attend on-campus classes and who prefer more flexibility in scheduling and pace. For specific information on services provided to students with disabilities, please contact the Disability Support Services office on campus.
Online courses are delivered through an internet-based course management system. Instructor and student interaction is facilitated primarily online. Some courses may have a limited number of face-to-face meetings. In addition to using the course platform and instructional media, all courses include readings in assigned texts and supplemental materials, homework assignments and interaction with De Anza faculty members and other students. Instructors are available to answer questions through one or more of the following means: online, by telephone or in person at the De Anza College campus.
Access to an individual email account is a requirement to participate in most online classes. Students receive a syllabus for each online course. Students are encouraged to take advantage of online access to library publications and materials and the many support services available to students.
The Office of Outreach and Relations with Schools works to attract a diverse student population to De Anza College through a collaborative relationship with high schools, school districts and communities throughout the region. Its goal is to promote college access and success for all students, with emphasis on historically underserved and underrepresented student groups.
Outreach counselors and staff provide information about De Anza programs and services and serve as a point of contact for schools, students and parents, to support the successful transition of prospective students from high school to college. The office also works with all divisions and programs on campus to coordinate institutional outreach efforts, meet enrollment targets and connect new students to programs and services.
De Anza College has transfer agreements
with four-year institutions that welcome and encourage students to transfer and complete bachelor’s degrees online. ■
De Anza offers academic certificates in these subjects for which students can earn all required units by taking online courses.
■ Business Administration – Certificate of Achievement
■ Business Information Worker – ■ Certificate of Achievement
■ Entrepreneurship – Certificate of ■ Achievement
■ Management Information ■ Systems Support – Certificate of Achievement
■ Network Basics – Certificate of Achievement
■ Environmental Resource Management and Pollution Prevention – Certificate of Achievement and Certificate of Achievement-Advanced
Some online courses may require on-campus ■ participation in certain activities as detailed
in the schedule of classes. ■ Location: MLC 210
Students can also use the new free online tutoring service through their online courses. Most work for online courses at De Anza may be completed without coming to campus. However, some courses may include required on-campus meetings for the purposes of orientation, assessments or exams. Other courses are designed with proctored exams, which enable students outside of the area to complete the course without being on site. Students who do not have access to a computer at home may use one of the open computer labs on campus
to complete their coursework.
The Online Education Center provides
support services to faculty and students. Students may contact the office if they are experiencing technical issues with the course management system. Successful students enrolled in online courses are highly motivated, self-disciplined, possess good study skills and enjoy instruction that appeals to a variety of learning styles.
  Telephone: 408.864.8969
Email: Website:
Outreach to area high schools
– including college fairs, career
and college nights, presentations, info tables, student ambassadors, application workshops, orientation and educational planning
Annual high school partners conference at De Anza
Annual high school student conferences at De Anza
Enrollment Day, an annual event that offers high school students an opportunity to talk with counselors and instructors, learn about
De Anza’s academic programs and student services, and get assistance with steps that are important for a strong start in college – including assessment, creating an educational plan and more.
Guided tours of the De Anza campus
The Men of Color Community – a Learning Community that provides peer support, mentoring, tutoring, academic advising and other services
The Outreach office serves new and prospective students and their families through a wide range of activities, including
■ Counseling, academic advising
and follow-up for all new students who don’t have access to counselors through another program

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