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De Anza offers counseling and advising services to help students set academic goals and find support services to achieve them.
The General Counseling and Advising Center provides comprehensive services for students who seek assistance with a variety of concerns. Additional counselors and academic advisers are assigned to various instructional divisions, Learning Communities and other campus offices, where they work closely with students in those areas and provide assistance tailored to their circumstances and educational goals. Office of Outreach counselors work with new students as well as students participating in the De Anza College Promise and Men of Color Community.
Academic advisers assist with developing educational plans and addressing academic concerns. Counselors provide academic advising as well as educational, personal and career counseling. These services include: Academic Advising
■ Individual educational planning
■ Determination of transfer
■ Applying for a certificate or degree
Educational Counseling
■ Individual educational planning
■ Selecting a major
■ Time management
■ Study skills
■ Test anxiety
■ Introduction to College course Career Counseling
■ Career and life planning courses
■ Exploration of career goals based
on personal assessment
■ Development and implementation
of career plans
Personal Counseling
■ Self-awareness
■ Interpersonal communication
■ Stress management
■ Relationship counseling
■ Clarification and resolution of
problem areas
■ Referral to off-campus resources
Counselors act as catalysts to help students define their own questions, explore their own alternatives and ultimately find their own answers.
Office hours for counselors and academic advisers are posted online, but may be subject to change, especially during academic breaks. Counselors and
advisers may be seen on a drop-in basis or by appointment. Students can find their counselors and learn how to contact them or make an appointment by visiting deanza. edu/our-counselors.
Under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act, counselors cannot disclose a student’s educational records to a third party without the student’s consent. This includes such information as a student’s name, attendance record, address, phone number, family contact information, campuswide ID, grades, health information and discipline reports.
Location: General Counseling and
Advising: RSS, Second Floor Website:
The purchase of a DASG card provides benefits to students and to the campus as a whole. The card provides the funds needed to support programs and services to students, including clubs, seminars, guest speakers, athletics, creative arts productions, legal advice, loans, culturally diverse programs and campus publicity.
The DASG card is the property of the college and must be surrendered for needed replacement or at the request of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District Police.
The purchaser of the DASG card is entitled to the following benefits:
■ Eligibility to run for student government office
■ DASG scholarships
■ Free admission to all home
athletic games
■ Participation in student clubs
and organizations
■ Discount movie passes ■ Legal advice service
■ Use of computers in the
Library West Computer Lab See College Life on page 9.
Website: idcard
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are available on the upper floor of the Campus Center. Menu items include an organic salad bar, burgers, hot and cold sandwiches, specialty pizzas, pasta, Vietnamese pho, Mexican food and Korean bibimbap. An assortment of snacks,
desserts and beverages is also available. Private dining rooms are available by reservation by calling the Dining Services office. Banquet catering services are available for both on- and off-campus events. Telephone: 408.864.8515
The Adapted Physical Education (APE) program provides exercise classes for individuals with physical limitations and disabilities.
Location: Building PE 6 (near the pool)
Telephone: 408.864.8885 Website:
Disability Support Services (DSS) provides services and instruction to students with physical, psychological, chronic health, hearing, visual, learning and spectrum disabilities. These services and accommodations include ASL interpreting, captioning, mobility, tutoring, assistive technology support and training as well as testing accommodations.
Visually impaired students have the services of an alternate media specialist to assist them with curricular modifications such as ordering materials in special media.
Deaf and hard-of-hearing students have the assistance of an interpreter/ scheduler with registration, interpreting and captioning services in the classroom, and a campus liaison.
   Location: Telephone:
RSS 141 408.864.8753 (Voice) 408.864.8748 (TTY)
Email: Website:
LEARNING DISABILITY SUPPORT The DSS Learning Disability Support team assists students in discovering their learning styles and academic strengths and weaknesses, and assesses eligibility for learning disability services.
An adult with learning disabilities has average or above-average intelligence and needs assistance in one or more of the following areas: reading, spelling, math, writing, problem solving, memory and organizational skills. All eligibility

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