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Science Resource Center Hours

microscopes              Fall 2023  September 25 - December 15

            Mondays - Thursdays  9:00 am - 6:00 pm
                       Fridays   9:00 am  -  5:30 pm

The Science Resource Center is a study area specifically designed to meet the learning needs of science students.

The center contains a variety of instructional materials for the biological sciences, which can be used in coordination with specific courses or as supplementary materials. The purpose of the Science Resource Center is to provide students a place to study for their science courses outside of class. Models, skeletal bones, computers, an e-Print kiosk, microscopes, reference books, and current textbooks are available for student use outside of regularly scheduled class time. The Science Resource Center is located in the SC3 building.

Our staff, Gulzhan Alieva, is available to assist you with Science Resource Center usage to optimize your learning experience.

We ask that for the convenience of all users.

  1. Cell phones cannot be used in the center. You are encouraged to use the silent mode on your phone and answer calls outside.
  2. No food or drink is allowed in the center.
  3. No children are allowed in the center.
  4. Students studying in groups must maintain low voices so that they do not disturb other students in the center.

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