No High School Transcript?

For most students, your English and Math placement at De Anza will be determined by your U.S. high school transcript. But some students may need to be assessed by an alternate method.

The guided self-placement tool is available for you if

  • You did not complete at least grades 9-11 in a high school in the United States, or
  • You attended a U.S. high school several years ago and you don't have access to a transcript, or
  • You attended a U.S. high school several years ago and you feel your high school GPA and transcript are no longer an accurate reflection of your knowledge and abilities in English or Math


  • All students should check MyPortal first to see if you have course placements, before you make an appointment for the guided self-assessment.
  • High school students who are enrolling at De Anza while they are still taking classes in high school should review the Dual Enrollment webpage before making an appointment for assessment.
  • F-1 visa students will learn more about their assessment process during the mandatory ISP orientation conducted by the office of International Student Programs.

De Anza currently has separate assessment tools for these areas:

  • Math
  • English
  • English as a Second Language (ESL).

Click the buttons below to learn more about the assessment tools for these subjects.

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