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 JAVA PROGRAMMING: INTERMEDIATE [2 HOURS] Entering Grades 6-9 – This class is for students who have basic Java programming skills and want to start building real-world applications. Java provides a vast set of tools that can be used for games and websites. This class will include object-oriented programming and some of the advanced tools that are commonly used
on Java development projects – including inheritance and abstraction, interfaces, nested classes, regular expressions, collections, dates and I/O.
PYTHON PROGRAMMING: BEGINNING [2 HOURS] Entering Grades 6-9 – This course introduces students to basic elements of the Python programming language, including data types, control structures, algorithm development and program design with functions. Students will be defining new object classes, creating interactive applications with buttons, learning about animation and creating an interactive game using Python. The instructor will also cover fundamental principles of object-oriented programming, as well as data and information processing techniques.
Entering Grades 6-9 – This course will help students strengthen their skills and build on what they have learned in previous classes. Through practical examples, students will gain a deeper understanding
of programming and how it is applied in the real
world. Projects will reinforce their understanding of fundamentals while encouraging experimentation and exploration. Students will learn about building a platform
and applications using Python installation, variables, operators, strings, lists, tuples and maps, Turtle, drawing, conditional statements, loops, functions, objects and classes.
*Meets Common Core standards
The Math Boost series is designed to introduce key Common Core math concepts from the upcoming year while reinforcing the prior year’s most essential carryover skills.
Entering Grade 6 – Students in this course will apply their knowledge of multiplication and division to
solve ratio and rate problems. They will extend their knowledge of fractions and learn to explain, in their own words, how dividing and multiplying fractions follows logical mathematical processes. Students will also learn problem-solving strategies and deepen their understanding of rational numbers, absolute value, expressions and equations.
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  June 14-July 9

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