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 July 12-30
DRAWING, PAINTING AND CARTOONING CLUB Entering Grades 3-5 – Students will have fun learning and practicing drawing, painting and cartooning along with their virtual classmates. They’ll explore the secrets to drawing and painting what they see and create unique visual stories. Art games, storytelling and other activities will inspire and engage their imaginations.
• A supply list will be posted online for this class. Students can order some or all of the items, depending on what they may already have, or find other sources for similar materials.
*Meets Common Core standards
The Math Boost series is designed to introduce key Common Core math concepts from the upcoming year while reinforcing the prior year’s most essential carryover skills.
Entering Grades 3 – This course is designed to teach
the main elements of third-grade math with a focus on operations and algebraic thinking, place value, fractions, measurement and data as well as geometry. The instructor will address multiplication and division facts, patterns and properties, area and perimeter, sorting triangles and quadrilaterals, adding and subtracting decimals, money and solving word problems. Students will have the opportunity to develop an advanced repertoire of skills and strategies in an environment
that encourages critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. The concepts taught
in this class will assist students in acquiring the mathematical foundation needed for the next grade level.
Entering Grade 4 – This class will introduce students
to themes and concepts of algebra, geometry and statistics. Students will use hands-on applications
and problem-solving exercises designed to promote conceptual understanding and enhance logical thinking skills. Additional topics include place value, rounding, estimating, identifying prime and composite numbers as well as prime factoring. Through complex problem- solving, students will practice fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  Art and Design courses are offered in partnership with the Euphrat Museum of Art
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