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 June 21-July 30
*Meets Common Core standards
INTRODUCTION TO HIGH SCHOOL ALGEBRA 1* Entering Grades 9-10 – This class will introduce students to major themes and concepts in first-year algebra. Students will engage in hands-on applications and problem-solving exercises designed to promote conceptual understanding and enhance logical thinking skills. Topics covered will include properties in algebra, polynomials, solving and applying equations, factoring, the quadratic formula, solving and graphing linear
and variable equations, radical expressions and other subjects as time permits.
INTRODUCTION TO HIGH SCHOOL ALGEBRA 2* Entering Grades 9-12 – This course emphasizes critical thinking, understanding of real-world applications
and the use of advanced problem-solving techniques. Students will gain an understanding of functions by using a graphical approach to contextualizing relationships, including linear, quadratic, absolute value, exponential and polynomial rational expressions. Students will
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learn how to define every relation as a transformation and translation of a parent function. Students will need a pencil, eraser, small ruler, graph paper and TI-84 calculator (or equivalent) daily.
Entering Grades 9-12 – This course will introduce students to limits, derivatives, differentiation and integration. Students will receive guided exposure to concepts of calculus so they are better prepared for calculus courses during the academic year. Students will improve their understanding of equations, graphs and proofs, including the study of vectors and polar coordinates, advanced inequalities and series. The class will transition from advanced applications of
key precalculus concepts to more traditional calculus problems. Students will study and apply a combination of graphical, numerical and symbolic representations as they gain familiarity with each of the key calculus concepts throughout the course. Students will need
a pencil, eraser, small ruler, graph paper and TI-84 (or equivalent) calculator daily.

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